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A central concern of the World Literature Program is the development of students' writing skills. For that reason, all students in the program are required to write a minimum of 20 to 25 pages in the form of analytical, interpretive, and critical thinking essays. This requirement may be satisfied through a combination of formal papers, in-class essays, essay exams, reflective journals, and other writing which, in the instructor's and the program's judgment, qualifies as a rigorous exercise in writing and reasoning. Faculty give individualized attention to each student's writing and take appropriate measures to provide for its development through a process of revision and rewriting focusing on the mechanical, rhetorical, and intellectual aspects of the endeavor. Each instructor's syllabus specifies the number, character, and length of the individual assignments making up the 20-25 page writing requirement. Syllabi also explicitly discuss the instructor's methods/philosophy of teaching writing and the specific ways in which writing is evaluated. Instructors are encouraged to develop a system which allows students to become involved in and work through the various stages of the writing process-including the development of original paper topics, the writing and revision of drafts, and the submission of final copy. Such systems may encourage students to keep journals embodying early stages of reflection and analysis which can later be developed in formal papers. While instructors are free to determine the specific sort of writing to be required, it is recommended that at least half of the assigned work (i.e. 10-12 pages) be constituted by formal papers developed through a writing process. Journals, paper drafts, in-class essays, and essay exams-provided they are subjected to careful reading, correction, and commentary from the instructor-constitute acceptable writing exercises which, in combination with formal papers, may be counted toward the 20-25 page total. As an additional way of receiving personalized attention and working through the writing process, students are encouraged to take advantage of the services of the tutors in the Writing Center -- appointments with tutors may be made by calling (404) 280-4707. In determining writing assignments and grade weights, instructors must be aware of the possible problem of conscious and unconscious plagiarism in student papers. In order to minimize the potential for and the impact of plagiarism, instructors are encouraged to combine writing and assignments performed in class with those to be undertaken at home. Instructors formulate and enforce a plagiarism policy in each section of the course.

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