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Novelist and non-fiction writer NORBERT ZAENGLEIN is the author of The Last Autopsy (Night Howl Productions, 2000), as well as three books of non-fiction, Dirty Tricks for Chicks: The Complete Manual of Secret Self Protection Techniques for Women of All Ages (Night Howl Productions, 2001), Secret Software: Making the Most of Computer Resources for Data Protection, Information Recovery, Forensic Examination, Crime Investgation and More (Paladin Press, 2000), and Disk Detective: Secrets You Must Know To Recover Information From A Computer, (Paladin Press, 1998). The last two books are non-forensic data recovery and computer primers for law enforcement and private detectives. Zaenglin was born in Germany, served in the military, and has trained in law enforcement. He has published a number of trade magazines and a nationally-syndicated newsletter. The Last Autopsy is listed as the book usage example of the term "autopsy" in Webster's Online Dictionary. Zaenglein lives in Clay Center.

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