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Chimney Rock Selected Publications
of Jinmei Yuan


The Moon is over the Parapet. Overseas Wanderers: Exciting Stories, 2004.

Loyal Courtiers and Their Rebellious Children. Unitas: A Monthly Literary Journal, November 2003. (as Qin Mei)


"Farewell, Three Gorges." Sino-monthly (Hanxin), May, 2003. (as Qin Mei)

"A Report to My Father." Yang Zi Daily, Nanjing, China, February 1, 2003.

"In a Distant Country." Xinxiang weekly, 2001. (as Qin Mei)

"Beyond the Boundary." Sino-monthly (Hanxin). Vol 101, No. 11, November, 2000, pp 40-42. Re-published by Common People (Lao Bai Xing), Beijing, China, 2002. (as Qin Mei)

"The Spring." World Journal, December 5-6, 1999. p F5. (as Qin Mei)

"The Creak of a Wooden Bridge." Sino-monthly (Hanxin), Vol 98, No 10, October, 1999, pp 36-42. (as Qin Mei)

"The Trace of Sun and Moon." World Journal, June 1-2, 1999. p F5. (as Qin Mei)

"A Calabash Flower." World Journal, February 19-20, 1999, pp F6-F7. (as Qin Mei)

"The Father of a 'Wild Dog'." Sino-monthly (Hanxin), Vol 88, No 12, December, 1998, pp 64-67. (as Qin Mei)

"A Cup of Yellow Wine." World Journal. November 27, 1998, p 8, F6. (as Qin Mei)

"A Small Yard." Hong Kong Literature, Vol 167, No 11, 1998, pp 35-44. (as Qin Mei)

"A Small Yard." World Journal. September 29-October 1, 1998, pp D15-D14. (as Qin Mei)

"Blue Birds." World Journal. June 16-17, 1998, pp D15- D17. (as Qin Mei)

"A Green Bean." World Journal, March 19, 1998, p D13. (as Qin Mei)

"The Jellyfish." World Journal. January 6, 1998, p B7. (as Qin Mei)

"Qin Mei Mulberry." Young Writer Press, Sichuang, China, 1993. (as Qin Mei)

"Three Rose Line." Youth Literature Press, Nanjing, China, 1988.

"The Boundary of Brightness and Darkness." Youth Literature Press, Nanjing, China, 1987.


"Back Home, the Soul," "Go beyond the Boundary," and "The Creak of a Wooden Bridge." In J Luo, ed, Blue Hawaii — Chinese Writers’ Collection. Shih Ho Press, Taipei, Taiwan, 2001. (as Qin Mei)

"The Creak of a Wooden Bridge’ and "The Father of a ‘Wild Dog’." In M. L. Lee, ed., Earthly Love — Chinese Writers’ Collection, Wen Lian Press, Taipei, Taiwan, 2000 (as Qin Mei).

"A Green Bean," "Blue Birds," and "The Jellyfish." In J Luo, ed. Blue Hawaii — Chinese Writers’ Collection. Shih Ho Press, Taipei, Taiwan, 1998. (as Qin Mei)

"The Sun" and "A Small boat." In J Jin, ed. 100 Oversees Chinese Writers’ Collection, Chinese Writer Press, Beijing, China, 1998. (as Qin Mei)


Many poems and some children stories were published in China, 1973-1993.


Winner, Unitas Literature Award, 2003.

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