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Copyright © 2007
by Sherry Wright

This series of poems is truly the meaning of its title Inspired. Sherry Wright has shared an insight to her soul with her lyrical words. Anyone who reads this will undoubtedly feel a connection, in some way, to themselves in or out of a personal relationship. My husband and I both read the poems and felt a lot of the emotions that Sherry has expressed. Sherry uses words like an artist uses his paints, to allow the reader to feel a full range of emotions in such a short time. There is an instant kinship between Sherry and her readers. We recommend this book to everyone. — Ivy and Gwen Williams

Ms Wright artistically expresses the depth of emotion people often feel and cannot put into words. She expresses uniquely the feelings we all have at one time or another — love, need, curiosity, loneliness and joy. As an avid reader, I found her work unique, apart from the norm and fun to read. I loved it! — Karen (Lane) Davis, Community Advocate

You must read these poems. If not from the first reading then the second time you read them, they light you up with their unique syncopation, in rhyme and style that stretches you to most pleasant reflections. This is the most fun we have had in many years with the authors’ wonderful experiences set forth in poetic license. — Honorable Hal and Mary Daub, former Congressman and Mayor of Omaha Nebraska

Somethin's in My Water
Copyright © 2009
by Sherry Wright

You've heard of 3D movies ... This is 3D emotions. For ages poetry has been used as an outlet to express the inner affections of the hearts of those in love. While those affections can be hard to describe on paper, Sherry Wright has done it with ease and seems to capture the true human emotions that go along with such passionate sentiments. Wright wrote each poem as a script, allowing the reader to become the "actor" and feel the range of emotions as they read her heartfelt words. Wright's melodic poems came from what she calls "inspiredwordsoul" which is a mixture of inspiration, imagination and emotions. Although the poems are about relationships, they are not limited to the romantic kind. Many of the poems have a variety of meanings, and Wright leaves it up to the reader to interpret each as they choose. "I tell people to read Somethin's in My Water aloud in order to actually feel the message and emotions." Poetry buffs and novices alike can appreciate and connect with the easy-read style of Wright's poems. She effortlessly puts into words the emotions relationships evoke, yet many times are difficult to voice. — from the publisher

Throughout the pages of Somethin's in My Water, author Sherry Wright takes the reader on a profound journey through the full spectrum of human emotion. With keen poetic precision, Wright relates insightful pieces, each infused with a unique, authentic energy that compels her words to jump off the page and resonate soundly within the deeper consciousness of the reader. — Apex Reviews

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