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KATHLEENE WEST grew up on a farm three miles west of Genoa, Nebraska. She was educated at the University of Washington and the University of Nebraska — Lincoln, where she earned her PhD in English Literature. She is the poetry editor of Puerto del Sol at New Mexico State University, where she is a professor of English. She has published several books of poetry and fiction, her most recent being the novel The Summer of the Sub-comandante. The Road to Mandalay (Pig Iron Press) won the Kenneth Patchen Award for Fiction. Other books include Death of a Regional Poet, Canto 1 (Main-Travelled Roads #13, 1998). Other titles include Water Witching (Copper Canyon, 1984), The Farmer's Daughter (Sandhills, 1990), Plainswoman: Her First Hundred Years (Sandhills, 1985), The Garden Section (Yellow Barn Press, 1982), Land Bound (Copper Canyon Press, 1978), and The Armadillo on the Rug (Seal Press, 1978). Other work appears in Alaska Quarterly Review, The Muse Strikes Back! (Story Line), and Plains Sense of Things: Eight Poets from Outstate Nebraska (Sandhills Press, 1997). She has also produced a recording titled Four Satirical Songs, a suite of poems from Water Witching and The Farmer's Daughter, sung by Professor Margaret Kennedy of the University of Nebraska — Lincoln (Coronet Music). She was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to Iceland for two years, a National Endowment of the Arts apprenticeship award, and Honorable Mention in the Binational Border Poetry Contest (Mexico and the United States). She has lectured and given readings of her poems in the United States, Iceland, China, Mexico, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic. She is the author of a bi-lingual book of poetry, Romance Tercermundista/ Third-World Romance, published by Catedral Press, Santiago de Cuba. She presented the book during the International Festival of Poetry 2000 in Cuba. Current translation projects include contemporary Cuban poetry for a special issue of Puerto del Sol and poetry from the Dominican Republic for a forthcoming anthology. She has taught at the Summer Literary Seminar at Altos de Chavsn, Dominican Republic.

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