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The Bookshelf is an interactive reading list where you'll find recommendations in the areas of poetry, short stories, novels, and the writing craft, as well as books by Nebraska writers. When calling up a book's page, follow the link to "Reinert" to find out if the book in question is available in Creighton University's Reinert Library. Follow the link to "" to find out how to buy a book.

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How the Bookshelf Works

When you buy books through this website, you help the Nebraska Center for Writers, which receives a percentage of the profits. To buy a featured book or just to check a price, click the book title or the "Buy the Book" link. Most books are sold at 10% or more off the list price. uses a Netscape Secure Commerce Server, which means your orders are processed safely, securely, and quickly. All orders are shipped by Priority mail and backed by the money back guarantee. You can even have a book giftwrapped with a personal note enclosed, and is famous for speedy shipping and for customer service. When you buy books through this site, you'll not only be the proud owner of some of the best writing being published today, you'll also be helping the Nebraska Center for Writers, and at no extra cost to you.

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