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Chimney Rock Selected Publications


Indelible Marks. Pudding House (, 2004.


“Compatible” and “Flat Tire” (poems). Diagram. <>: forthcoming.

“Section 117, Plot 21” (poem). Verse Daily (January 25, 2004). <>.

“A Suburban Affair” (poem). The Cream City Review (Volume 28.1): 143.

“Boy’s Quartet—1949” (poem). The Alsop Review (Winter 2004). <>.

"Sundays--Clinton, OK" (poem). Southern Indiana Review (Winter 2004): 9.

"Dreaming Ill" (poem). Poetry Midwest (Number 9, Winter 2004). <>.

"Section 117, Plot 21" (poem). Wind Magazine (Fall 2003): 41.

"Uncle with Landscape--Kansas, 1954" (poem). Valparaiso Poetry Review (Volume 5, Number 1, Fall / Winter 2003-2004). <>.

"Still Life Refracted" (poem). Portland Review (50.2, 2003): 60

"Indelible Marks" and "Pre-Elegy to My Mother" (poems). The Adirondack Review (Summer 2003). <>.

“My Father Visits the Homeplace” (poem). Diagram (3.2, 2003). <>.

"After a Night Class at OSU" (poem). Oyez Review (2003): 35.

"Ode to Car Barbie" (poem). Hooked (2003). <>.

“Rising Up from Mulberry Street”, “Unemployed on a Summer Porch in Marysville, OH”, “A Call to Arms” (poems). Segue (Fall 2002). <>.

"All That Was Said About the Korean War" (poem). Harpur Palate (Volume 2.2): 70.

"Between Failed Drafts, I Pray" (poem). Front Range Review (Spring 2002): 77.

"Neighbors in 2368" (poem). The Comstock Review (Volume 15.2, 2001): 54.

"Crazy Cattle" and "Grocery Store Cashier" (poems). Small Spiral Notebook
(November, 2001). <>.

"Why I Hate Bagels" (poem). Front Range Review (Spring 2001): 41-42.

"Coming Up With Excuses" (poem). The Evansville Review (Volume 11, 2001): 48.

"Self Portrait" and "Falling Asleep" (poems). The Evansville Review (Volume 9, 1999): 35, 111.

"The Painting of Memory: Virginia Woolf's To the Lighthouse" (essay). SLJ (Volume 18, 1999): 32.

"Indian Man" (poem). Allegheny Review (Volume 16, 1998): 7.


"Uncle with Landscape — Kansas, 1954," Red, White and Blues: Poets on the Promise of America. Eds Virgil Suarez and Ryan G Van Cleave. University of Iowa Press, 2004.


Nominated in Creative Nonfiction for the AWP Intro Journals Project, 2004.

1st place, Joy Bale Boone Poetry Prize, Wind Magazine, 2003.

Finalist, Stadler Fellowship, Bucknell University, 2003.

2nd place, National Looking Glass chapbook contest, Pudding House, 2003.

Finalist, New Michigan Press / Diagram mixed-genre (poetry / nonfiction) chapbook contest, 2003.

Honorable Mention, Elixir Press annual poetry chapbook contest, 2003.

Honorable Mention, Concrete Wolf annual poetry chapbook contest, 2003.

Workshops with poet David St. John, 2003.

Honorable Mention, Academy of American Poets Award, Ohio State, 2003.

Finalist, Poetry 2002, Atlanta Review, 2002.

Finalist, Muriel Craft Bailey Memorial Prize, The Comstock Review, 2001.

Finalist, Poets Under 25 Issue, Beloit Poetry Journal, 2001.

Finalist and semi-finalist, Alligator Juniper Annual Competition, 2001 and 2002.

Honorable Mention for the Vandewater Poetry Prize, Ohio State, 2001 and 2002.

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