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of Jim Thompson


After Dark, My Sweet, Popular Library, 1955

The Alcoholics, Lion Books, 1953

Bad Boy (fictionalized memoir), Lion Books, 1953

Child of Rage, Lancer Militaria, 1972

The Criminal, Lion Books, 1953

Cropper's Cabin, Lion Books, 1952

The Getaway, New American Library, 1959

The Golden Gizmo (also see below), Lion Books, 1954

The Grifters, Regency, 1963

Heed the Thunder, Greenberg Publishing, 1946

A Hell of a Woman, Lion Books, 1954

Ironside (novelization of television series), Popular Library, 1967.

The Killer inside Me, Lion Books, 1953

The Kill-Off, Lion Books, 1957

King Blood, Sphere, 1973

Nothing but a Man (novelization of screenplay), Popular Library, 1970

The Nothing Man (also see below), Dell, 1954

Nothing More Than Murder, Harper, 1949

Now and on Earth, Modern Age, 1942

Pop. 1280, Fawcett, 1964

Recoil, Lion Books, 1953

Roughneck (also see below), Lion Books, 1954

Savage Night, Lion Books, 1953

South of Heaven, Fawcett, 1967

A Swell-Looking Babe, Lion Books, 1954

Texas by the Tail, Fawcett, 1965

The Transgressors, New American Library, 1961

The Undefeated (novelization of screenplay), Popular Library, 1969

Wild Town, New American Library, 1957


The Killing, with Stanley Kubrick, adapted from the novel Clean Break by Lionel White), United Artists (UA), 1956

Paths of Glory, with Stanley Kubrick and Calder Willingham, adapted from the novel by Humphrey Cobb), Bryna Productions/UA, 1957.


Hard Core (contains Bad Boy, The Nothing Man, and The Kill-Off), Fine, 1986

More Hardcore (contains The Golden Gizmo, Roughneck, and The Ripoff), Fine, 1987

Fireworks: The Lost Writings of Jim Thompson (includes "The End of the Book," "The Slave Girl in the Cellar," and "This World, Then the Fireworks"), Fine, 1988.

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