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That Kind of Sleep
Copyright © 2001
by Susan Atefat Peckham

This stunning National Poetry Series winner invites readers behind the opaque curtain that has historically concealed the lives of modern and traditional Iranian women. Susan Atefat Peckham's images alternately whet and sting the senses as rich chador fabrics and earthy cooking scents give way to juxtaposed scenes of female persecution and celebration. Love for family and culture give this collection a touching glow. — from the jacket.

That Kind of Sleep is a pendulum between cultures, and I might add, epochs. [Atefat Peckham] gives us a joy of flashes which makes us all ancient and renewed in a paradise of language, dancing in spirals, whirling, whirling. — Victor Hernández Cruz

The book is of epiphany and of hope, hope that struggles with feelings of abandonment, confusion and insecurity, brought on by life in a dysfunctional family. — Lincoln Journal-Star

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