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The Ultimate Test
Copyright © 2002
by Catherine Schuett
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The plot for her novel The Ultimate Test first formulated in Catherine’s mind back in her eighth grade literature class. In her class, she read a short story about a man who hunted other men on an island. The story left a major impact on Catherine, stimulating her imagination and thus The Ultimate Test was born. Catherine states that the novel basically represents an extreme test of faith. The scripture used to inspire, comfort, and guide Kyle and the others can also be applied in our own daily battles. Sure, we may not face wild animals, volatile storms, or diabolical trainers like Kyle and the others but we may face terrorist attacks like 911 or corrupt companies eating up our life savings or leaving us jobless like those employed by Enron. In either of those situations, the verses will work in comforting the troubled heart. On a smaller scale, though, these same passages can inspire us to fight every day temptations. They can empower us and guide us to overcome our daily afflictions. No matter what the situation, big or small, in every life there will be hardships. But, we, like Kyle and the others, can take heart, because our risen Lord and Savior overcame them all for us and is there by our side at all times. — from the author

The Ultimate Test is Catherine Schuett’s gripping novel of action and suspense, about Kyle Irons’ quest to rescue three innocent people, caught up in the deadly machinations of crime boss Antonio Cartillone Jr. Kyle’s rescue mission takes him to Cartillone’s private tropical island, where he must face the challenge of deadly games for Cartillone’s evil pleasure; he and the captives must work together to withstand “the ultimate test” or die. The Ultimate Test is an exciting saga of intrigue and staying just one jump ahead of danger. — Midwest Book Review

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