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The Forager
Copyright © 2014
by Ron Scheer
Muse It Up Press

It's been thirty years since the economy collapsed, and all Dillon has ever known is a world without electricity or medicine, living in a community constantly under the threat of starvation as they struggle to feed the rest of the country. Orphaned and alone, unsure of his future, Dillon serves as a lookout, watching for the bands of Scavengers that prey on towns like his — while also watching for the mayor's twin sons, who are bent on terrorizing him. When a Forager rides into town, he opens Dillon's eyes to the possibility of a different life. And when a Scavenger attack leaves the Forager injured, he sends Dillon out on a mission that may mean the difference between life and death for the mayor's missing daughter. Dillon is about to find more than a way to help his community — he's about to find himself. — from the publisher

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