Nebraska Center for Writers

Chimney Rock Selected Publications
of Mark Sanders


Conditions of Grace: New and Selected Poems. Stephen F Austin University Press, 2011.

A Dissimulation of Birds, (stories). Sandhills, 2002.

Before We Lost Our Ways. Texas City, TX: Hurãkan/College of the Mainland, 1996.

Breaking Windows/Guns: Two Essays Texas City: Main-Travelled Roads.

Country Western. Texas City: Main-Travelled Roads #1, 1996.

Digging for Fossils. League City, TX: Jalapeno Press, 1994.

Self-portrait . League City, TX: Jalapeno Press, 1994.

Guilty Party & Infidels. Weatherford: MeadowLane, 1993.

Here in the Big Empty. Backwaters Press, 2006.

Ten Poems. Weatherford: Aquifer, 1992.

The Lost Book. Weatherford; Aquifer, 1992.

The Sandhills of Nebraska and Other Poems. Ord: NoLo, 1992.

North Window. Ord: NoLo, 1992.

The Suicide. Omaha: Curnmington Press, 1988.

Gone Fishing. Fairbury: Nebraska Review/Southeast Cornmunity College, 1981.

First Hunt. Ord: Sandhills, 1979.

A Bibliographic Introduction to Poetry in Nebraska. Ord, NE: Monograph #1, 1992.


Plains Sense of Things: Eight Poets from Outstate Nebraska (features Welch, West, Sanders, Holland, Buettner, Brummels, Harrison, Schmitz). (Sandhills Press, 1997)

Plains Sense of Things 2: Eight Poets from Lincoln, Nebraska (features Behrendt, Strayer, Raz, Kloefkorn, Kooser, Saiser, Scheele, Hansen). (Sandhills Press, 1997)

Plains Sense of Things 3: A Tribute to Larry Holland. (Sandhills Press, 1999)

Death of a Regional Poet, Canto 1, by Kathleene West (Main-Travelled Roads #13)

The Decade Dance: a Celebration of Poems. Ord: Sandhills, 1991.

On Common Ground. the Poetry of William Kloeflorn, Ted Kooser, Greg Kuzma, and Don Welch. with JV Brummels. Ord: Sandhills, 1983.

Jumping Pond: Poems and Stories from the Ozarks. with Michael Burns. Springfield: Southwest Missouri State UP, 1983.

The Sandhills: Poets of the Great Plains, II. Ord: Sandhills, 1981.

The Sandhills & Other Geographies: an Anthology of Nebraska Poetry. Ord: Sandhills, 1980.

Plains Poetry Series

The Marginalist, Don Welch. 1992

The Farmer's Daughter, Kathleene West 1990

Other Men and Other Women, David Dwyer 1987

Moving to Malibu, Mary Kathryn Stillwell 1987

The Inheritance, Robert Lietz 1987

Pointing out the Sky, Roy Scheele 1985

Pine Creek Parish Hall and Other Poems, Barton Sutter 1985

Plainswoman. Her First Hundred Years, Kathleene West 1985 Main-Traveled Roads

Worry and Other Stories, Ronald Wallace

My Link to the Plains, Larry Holland

Holding Katherine, Ann Townsend and David Baker

Without Reservation, Carolann Russell

Seven Poems, David McCleery

The Plain Sense of Things: Five Poets from Outstate Nebraska

Never Write in a Glass House, Don Welch

The Lives of the Saints, Barbara Schmitz

Short Suite, Roy Scheele

Prairie of the Universe, Thomas Reiter

Transformations, Heather Dubrow


Mildred Bennet Award, Nebraska Center for the Book, 2007

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