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of James Reed


"An Even Smaller Number," Flyover Country Review, May 2014.
"Barnstorming," Meat for Tea: The Valley Review, Volume 7, Issue 2, June 2013.
"If You Look Close," The Laurel Review, Volume 46, Issue 2, Winter 2012.
"Stray Angles," Kestrel, Issue 29, Fall 2012.
"A Perfect Record," Folio, Spring 2012.
"Haste" and "In Solving for X," Cerise Press: A Journal of Literature, Arts & Culture, Volume 3, Issue 7, Summer 2011.
"Stopgap," Third Wednesday, Volume 3, Issue 2, Spring 2011.
"Mercury Cure," Cooweescoowee, 2009-2010 Anniverary Issue.
"Escape Away," REAL: Regarding Arts & Letters, Volume 34.2, Spring/Summer 2010
"Viewing," Whiskey Island Magazine, Issue Fifty-Seven, Fall 2009
"Them Apples," The Interrobang, #1, Fall 2009
"Native Hunters," J Journal, Volume 2, Number 1, Spring 2009.
"An Even Smaller Number," Paddlefish, Number 2, 2008.
"Enough People Hate You," The Gettysburg Review, Volume 21, Number 2, Summer 2008.
"Priceless Good Will," Dogwood: A Journal of Poetry and Prose, Volume 8, Spring 2008.
"Less Than You’d Think," Argestes, Spring-Summer 2008.
"Sneezing is Hard on the Heart," Epicenter: A Literary Magazine, Volume 11, 2007.
"Lifelong Hobby," Quick Fiction, Issue 12, Fall 2007.
"Prank," Sou'wester. Volume 35, No 2, Spring 2007.
"Mr Tesla's Thunder," Bat City Review. Issue 3, 2007.
"Good Morning," Parting Gifts. Volume 19, Number 1, Summer 2006.
"Sweet Dreams and Baby Talk," Nerve Cowboy, Number 21, Spring 2006.
"If Anyone's Asking," Marginalia, Volume 1, Issue 2, Summer 2005.
"A Useful Distance," Euphony, Volume 5, Issue 2, Summer 2005.
"Hundreds of Millions of Light Years Away," Roux Magazine, Volume II, Issue I, Summer 2005
The Otherwise Dark," Weber Studies, Spring/Summer 2004.
"Guess What," Floating Holiday, Issue Number 3, 2004.
"Last Night's Weather," Cranky, Volume 1, Number 2, 2004.
"Chances Are," Flash!Point, Summer 2000, Issue 3.
"The Natural Order," Talking River Review, Winter 1999.
"Insulting the Flesh," West Branch, West Branch, #44.
"Customer Recognition," Whetstone, Vol 15, 1998 "Ourselves, of Course," River Styx, Winter 1998
"The Shrimp Peel Gig," Brilliant Corners, Winter 1997
"Transit Info," Apalachee Quarterly, 44-45, 1996
"It Depends on the Light" The Tennessee Quarterly, Winter 1994
"The Time in Central Europe" AURA Literary/Arts Review, Fall/Winter 1988
"Personal Effects" Carolina Quarterly, Spring 1988
"Ignore That Man" Buffalo Spree, Spring 1988
"The Robot Suit" The William and Mary Review, Spring 1988
"The Downside" The Nebraska Review, Winter 1985
"Fattenin' Frogs" Smackwarm, Spring 1983
"Chances Are," Flash!Point, forthcoming


"The Robot Suit," 2013 Press 53 Open Awards Anthology, Press 53 2013.
"The Shrimp Peel Gig," The Jazz Fiction Anthology, Indiana University Press, 2009
"Chances Are" and "Customer Recognition," The Workplace Anthology, 2008.
"The Shrimp Peel Gig," Tribute to Orpheus. Kearney Street Books, 2007.


Finalist, HE Francis Short Story Competition, Ruth Hindman Foundation 2014.
Second Prize, Press 53 Open Awards: Flash Fiction Press 53 2013.
Finalist, Third-Ever Contest, The Cupboard 2013
Finalist, Knickerbocker Prize, Big Fiction Magazine, 2013.
Midwest Short Fiction Contest, GreenTower Press/The Laurel Review, 2012.
Finalist, Sol Books Prose Series Competition. Skywater Publishing Company, 2012.
Finalist, Stephen F Austin State University Press Fiction Prize, Stephen F Austin State University Press, 2011.
Finalist, Mary C Mohr Editors' Award, Southern Indiana Review 2011.
Commended Story, Manchester Fiction Prize, Manchester Metropolitan University 2011.
Finalist, Southern California Review Fiction Prize, Southern California Review 2009.
Semi-finalist, St. Lawrence Book Award, Black Lawrence Press 2008.
Honorable Mention, Press 53 Open Awards: Novella, Press 53 2008.
Finalist, Dogwood Fiction Award, Dogwood: A Journal of Poetry and Prose, 2008.
National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship. 2008.
Finalist, Quarterly West Novella Competition, 2005.
Finalist, AE Coppard Prize for Fiction, White Eagle Coffee Store Press, 2004.
Finalist, Dana Award in Short Fiction, Dana Awards, 2002.
Finalist, Spokeane Prize for Short Fiction competition, 2001.
Semi-Finalist for the Sandstone Prize in Fiction, 2002.
Semi-Finalist for the Julia Peterkin Award for 2001.
Finalist for the HE Francis Literary Competition, 2000.
Honorable Mention, Flash!Point2000 Fiction Contest.
Finalist, Mary McCarthy Prize in Short Fiction, Sarabande Books, 1998.
Finalist, The Flannery O'Connor Award for Short Fiction, The University of Georgia Press, 1997.
Finalist, The Flannery O'Connor Award for Short Fiction, The University of Georgia Press, 1996.
Finalist, The Flannery O'Connor Award for Short Fiction, The University of Georgia Press, 1995.
Finalist, The Flannery O'Connor Award for Short Fiction, The University of Georgia Press, 1994.
Individual Artist Fellowship Master Award in Literature, Nebraska Arts Council, 1991.
Charles B Wood Award for Distinguished Writing, Carolina Quarterly, 1988.
Leo V Jacks Award for Creative Writing, Creighton University/Nebraska Writers Guild, 1976.


The Micro Award, 2012.

Nominee, Pushcart Prize, 1998
Pushcart Prize 1989
General Electric Foundation Award for Younger Writers 1989
General Electric Foundation Award for Younger Writers 1986

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