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Cover Me
Copyright © 1988
by Lon Otto
Coffee House P
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In the "Fellin Sister," Otto updates Aesop, as a timid laboratory assistant drills a hole in his baseboard to watch a pair of lascivious sisters become animals, and make animals of the jocks who join them. "The Birthday Present" is a sexual fable where the moral twists around a wife's affair. The husband forces his wife to give him gifts of penance on her birthday, and she responds by abolishing her birthday. "How I Got Rid of That Stump" is a tour-de-force of graphic description, in which a dreamy piano-tuner muses on a world of sumo wrestlers and trolls. This is the narrative music Otto has mastered, a balance of imperfections more beautiful than any celestial absolute. — from the publisher

Lon Otto's talents are formidable and the best stories in Cover Me demonstrate them impressively. Playful, contemplative, outrageous and comforting, this is a writer whose gifts continue to develop. At his best, he is an adventurous stylist whose wise vision shines through the fires of language he can set burning, quite beautifully, on the page. — The New York Times Book Review

A Nest of Hooks
Copyright © 1978
by Lon Otto
U of Iowa P
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... this is a diverse, continually surprising collection of stories. ... his writing is clear and fresh, and he has the poet's eye for detail. ... Otto is an intelligent, talented writer, and A Nest of Hooks is sure to captivate many readers. — Library Journal

When you see how good these stories are, you'll want to make a distinction between other short fictions and these. — National Public Radio

His sense of economy is superb and the humanity behind his characters appealing. — Booklist

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