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BRUCE R NELSON was raised on a farm outside of Marcus, Iowa. While attending his junior year of high school, his story "Jayson's Revenge" received first place in the Cherokee Daily Times' Halloween Story Contest. Bruce spent his $20 prize on cassette tapes and beer. After graduating from Wayne State College in 1993 he moved to Lincoln, Nebraska. He writes for The Daily Nonpareil in Council Bluffs and freelances for magazines, chiefly Grassroots Nebraska. Bruce supplements his income by working as a chef at night. His work has been featured in the Nebraska Territory, Vantage Point, Bulk Head, and the Wayne Stater. His fiction has appeared in the anthologies Here From There and As Worthless as Tits on a Boar. He works as Promotions Director for Logan House Press. His hobbies include photography, narcissism, and camping.

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