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John 3:16
by Nancy Moser

THE ELEVATOR DOORS OPENED. Maya Morano stepped out, nearly overwhelmed by a single thought: The world is mine.
“Morning, M. Morano,” the receptionist said. “Congratulations on your award Friday night.”
Triumph sang an aria in her soul. She wanted to pump her arm and shout, “Yes!” like an NBA player after a perfect three pointer, but she knew better than to let loose. Reining herself in to a proper corporate humility, she gave a slight nod and said, “Thanks.” There was a time and a place ...
She spotted her boss chatting with another employee outside an office nearby. She paused in the reception area, pretending to need something from her briefcase. But as she opened it, she mishandled the case.
It fell with a thud. Files scattered everywhere. Her ploy to get attention had succeeded—far beyond her wildest dreams.
“Why I am such a klutz?” she said, a little louder than necessary. She didn’t have to fake her reaction. The embarrassment that turned her cheeks pink was all too real.
“Let me help—” the receptionist said.
“Thanks.” She said out loud, but inside she was thinking No! Not you ...
She sensed her boss approaching. She looked up, offering him the smile that had been so instrumental in earning Friday’s award. “Good morning, sir. If you don’t mind, I thought I’d work from here this morning.” She waved her arms above the mess on the floor. “I do like to spread out.”
“I’ve heard of employees wanting a bigger office, but this ...” He knelt beside her to help, “is taking that urge to new heights.” He winked. “I think we can do better than this.”
Game. Set. Match.
She gathered her things with the help of her boss and the receptionist, then saw they had an audience. Other workers had noticed. She could see what they were thinking by the looks in their eyes.
Being on the receiving end of envy was very satisfying.

Reprinted with permission
from John 3:16
Copyright © 2009
by Nancy Moser

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