Nebraska Center for Writers

Chimney Rock Selected Publications
of Oscar Micheaux


The Case of Mrs Wingate. AMS Press, 1933.

Conquest: The Story of a Negro Pioneer. 1913, 1969; reprinted U of Nebraska P, 1994.

The Forged Note. 1915.

The Homesteader. U of Nebraska P, 1994.

Masquerade. AMS Press, 1947.

The Story of Dorothy Stanfield. 1946.

The Wind from Nowhere. Ayer Co Publishers, 1972.


The Betrayal (1948)

The Notorious Elinor Lee (1940)

Birthright (1939)

Lying Lips (1939)

God's Step Children (1938) (aka All God's Stepchildren [1938])

Swing! (1938)

Underworld (1937)

Murder in Harlem (1935) (aka Brand of Cain [1935], aka Lem Hawkins' Confession [1935])

Temptation (1935)

Harlem After Midnight (1934)

Black Magic (1932)

Girl from Chicago (1932)

Ten Minutes to Live (1932) (aka Ten Minutes to Kill [1932])

Veiled Aristocrats (1932)

Darktown Revue (1931)

The Exile (1931)

A Daughter of the Congo (1930)

Wages of Sin (1929)

Easy Street (1928)

Thirty Years Later (1928)

When Men Betray (1928)

The Millionaire (1927)

The Spider's Web (1927)

Body and Soul (1925)

Son of Satan (1924)

Birthright (1924)

Jasper Landry's Will (1923)

Deceit (1923)

The Virgin of the Seminole (1922)

The Dungeon (1922)

The Gunsaulus Mystery (1922)

The Brute (1920)

The Symbol of the Unconquered (1920) (aka Symbol of the Unconquered: A Story of the Ku Klux Klan [1920])

Within Our Gates (1920)

The Homesteader (1919)

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