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of Kelly Madigan


The Edge of Known Things, SFASU Press, 2013.
Getting Sober: A Practical Guide to Making It Through the First Thirty Days. McGraw-Hill, 2007.


Born in the House of Love. Main-Traveled Roads, 2005.


"Before She Decides," Wood Works Press, 2006.


"Being Young," Apalachee Review, Spring 2011
"Investigation" and "Coyote,", Issue No. 27, 2011
"Sabbatical," South Dakota Review, Summer 2010
"Catamount" and "May that Light Be My Authority," Hawk and Whippoorwill, forthcoming.
"After Buying the Property," Two Review, 2010.
"Extracting," Southern California Review, Fall 2009.
"Tarantula Fire," Prism Review, forthcoming
"Black Duck," "Another Word for Leaving," and "Gloam," Hobble Creek Review, Issue 3, Vol. 2, 2009.
"The Aged Priest Gives the Homily," and "Beyond This Life," Cerise Press, Fall/Winter 2009-10, vol 1, issue 2.
"Memory as Lighthouse, Memory as Bomb," Qarrtsiluni, October 2008.
"After the Test Said Yes," Skirt!, September 2008.
"Phosphorescence," Southern California Review, Fall 2008.
"Offering," "Boy Walking Ahead of Train," and "Occupation," Knockout, forthcoming
"The Onset of Autobiographical Memory," Smartish Pace, Issue 14, April 2007.
"Mnemosyne's Mausoleum" and "Porcupine," Prairie Schooner, Summer 2007.
"Reliquary" and "Quitting," Eleventh Muse, 2007.
"Rarely Have We Seen a Person Fail," 32 Poems, Volume 5, Issue 1, 2007.
"After The Test Said Yes," Garrison Keillor's Writer's Almanac, March 4, 2006.
"Burying the Journals," "As Though Other People's Dreams Weren't Boring," "A Dream In Which She Turns Away and Toward Something," and "Long After It Has Begun," Plains Song Review, 2006.
"All Night, That Turning" and "Earth Behind Me, Blue and Bright," Apalachee Review, Number 56, 2006.
"Twenty-Five Years Later, She Learns Her Ex is Dying," Natural Bridge, Number 15, Spring 2006.
"Catechumen," "After the Test Said Yes," and "Before She Decides," Gumball Poetry, December 2005.
"Why I Waited For You," 4AM Poetry Review, 2005.
"In the Aftermath of the Meteor Shower," Flyway, Vol 9.310.1, Spring/Fall 2005.
"At the End of the Argument," Poetry Jumps Off the Shelf, 2005.
"Nothing Rests Easy in Their Hands" and "After 20 Years You Recall Your Old Boyfriend," Plains Song Review, Spring 2005.
"A Lie I Will Tell You" and "Why I Waited For You." Solstice: A Literary Supplement, Winter 2005.
"Rally," Calyx, Winter 2005.
"Instead of Telling," The Florida Review, Spring 2005.
"Why I Waited For You," "After The Test Said Yes," and "A Lie I Will Tell You." MARGIN, Winter 2005.
"They Ask Why I Stay," Miller's Pond, Vol 8, Issue 1, 2005.
"Nebraska," The Massachusetts Review, Winter 2004-2005.
"Born in the House of Love," Puerto del Sol, Spring 2005: 40th Anniversary Issue.
"At the End of the Argument" and "Christmas Letter, After Dad." Plains Song Review, 2004.
"What the World Calls Habit," "New Tricks." Hawai'i Review, Spring 2004
"Spam Says the Moon is For Sale," "Rally," and "They Ask Why I Stay." South Dakota Review. Winter 2003/2004.
"Baby Book." Nebraska Life, Jan/Feb 2003.
"Origins" and "Catechumen." Plains Song Review, 2003.
"After the Test Said Yes," Barrow Street, Winter 2003.
"October Coins" and "Rising," Manzanita Quarterly, Winter 2003.
"Matthew's Genealogy." Manzanita Quarterly, Winter 2002.
"Invitation to My Mother" and "Being Alone," Manzanita Quarterly, Autumn 2002.
"Cynthia's Garden," Circle Magazine, Spring 2001.
"Origins" and "Katydid," Caney River Reader, Summer 2000.
"Carrying Leroy." Plains Song Review, 2000.
"How We Met," Iowa Woman, Winter 1994.


"The Snap," Plains Song Review, 2008.


"Inventing Religion," Platte Valley Review, Winter 2011.
"Report from Monona County: Mysterious Work,", Issue 23, January 2009.
"Deep Subject," Qarrtsiluni, Water Issue, 2008
"Enclosed Inflorescence," Minnetonka Review, Issue 2, 2008.
"Report from Wyoming: Night Sky," Hobble Creek Review, Issue 1, Vol 1.
"Report from the Space Coast: Seen and Unseen," Southern Hum, Volume 2, Issue 3, March 2007.
"Report from Wyoming: Peripheral Vision," Nidus, Vol 9, Summer 2005.
"Falling Forward" and "Disclosure," Fine Lines, Summer 2005.
"Report From Wyoming: Midstream," Subtle Tea, March/April 2005
"Viewing," Talking River Review, forthcoming.
"Father's Day," Wisconsin Review, Fall 2004.
"Spotting." Manzanita Quarterly, Summer 2004.
"A Hundred Seeds." Crazyhorse, Spring 2004.
"Equinox." Plains Song Review, 2002.


"Chemical Addiction Recovery Resources," The Journal of Employee Assistance, 2007.
"On the Web: Sobriety Tools in Cyberspace," Health Communications Quarterly, July 2006.


The Ecopoetry Anthology, Trinity University Press, 2013.
A Face to Meet the Faces: An Anthology of Contemporary Persona Poetry, University of Akron Press, 2012.
"Confession of Faith," "Muster," "Power Outage on a Clouded Moonless Night," and "He Leaves, She Stays," The Untidy Season, Backwaters Press, forthcoming.
"Phosphorescence," Off Base: Poetry of the Military Brat Experience, forthcoming.
"Reliquary," Best New Poets 2007, Samovar Press, 2007.
"Nebraska" and "Twenty-Five Years Later, She Learns Her Ex is Dying," Nebraska Presence, Backwaters Press, 2007.
"Before She Decides," "Waves," and "Rising," Anthology One, Alsop Review Press, 2004.
"The Sending," "How We Met." Times of Sorrow/Times of Grace. Backwaters Press, 2002.
"You Always Start With a Baptism." Crazy Woman Creek. Houghton Mifflin, 2004.


YWCA of Lincoln, Nebraska, used a passage from "Inheritance" for their commemorative bookmark, 2002.

Individual Artist Fellowship, Poetry, Nebraska Arts Council, 2012
Residency, Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts, 2011
First Place, Prism Review Poetry Prize, 2009.
First Place, 2009 International Reginald Shepherd Memorial Poetry Prize
Residency, Jentel Artist Residency Program, 2009
Winner, National Best Books 2008 Award in Health: Addiction and Recovery Category, 2008.
Third Place, Ann Stanford Poetry Prize, 2008 & 2009.
National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship, 2008.
Best New Poets 2007, judged by Natasha Trethewey.
Honorable Mention, Nebraska Shakespeare Anne Dittrick Sonnet Contest, 2007.
Third Place, Beullah Rose Poetry Contest, Smartish Pace.
Distinguished Artist Award, Nonfiction, Nebraska Arts Council, 2006
Wright Morris Scholarship, Nebraska Summer Writers' Conference, 2006
Winner, Main-Traveled Roads Chapbook Award, 2004
Residency, Jentel Artist Residency Program, 2004
Residency, Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts, 2003 and 2005
Finalist, Missouri Review Essay Contest in 2000 for "This Covers Him, This Crosses Him."
John M Reikes Creative Writing Scholarship, University of Nebraska — Lincoln.

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