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The Altman Code
Copyright © 2004
by Robert Ludlum and Gayle Lynds
St Martin's P
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When word reaches the President of the United States that a Chinese cargo ship is transporting chemicals to a rogue nation intent on creating new biological weapons, the president knows he must act quick to obtain the proof he needs. Covert-One agent Jon Smith is sent to rendezvous in Taiwan with another agent who has acquired the ship's true manifest. But before Smith can get the document, he is ambushed, the second agent is murdered, and the evidence is destroyed. Smith escapes with only his life and a verbal message-the president's biological father is still alive, held prisoner by the Chinese for fifty years. As the mysterious ship draws closer to its end port, Smith is losing time in uncovering the truth about the vessel and its cargo — a truth that probes the secrets of the Chinese ruling party, the faction in Washington working to undermine the elected government, and the international cabal who is thrusting the world to the brink of war... — from the publisher

Ludlum stuffs more surprises into his novels than any other six-pack of thriller writers combined. — The New York Times

Ludlum pulls out all the stops, and dazzles his readers. — Chicago Tribune

Packed with all the classic Ludlum elements ... the intricately engineered plot thunders forward at breakneck pace. Bottom Line: Perfectly executed. — People

Robert Ludlum continues to jolt his readers with fresh juice ... a page-turner of non-stop action that should leave his fans begging for more. — New York Post

Welcome to Robert Ludlum's world ... fast pacing, tight plotting, international intrigue. — Cleveland Plain Dealer

Dazzling ... a clean launch of the 80's spy novel into a thrilling action/adventure web of intrigue mean for the twenty-first century.— Publishers Weekly

Reading a Ludlum novel is like watching a James Bond film ... slickly paced ... all consuming.— Entertainment Weekly

Ludlum in light years-beyond his literary competition in piling plot twist upon plot twist, until the mesmerized reader is held captive ... He dominates the field in strong, tightly plotted, action-drenched thrillers.— Chicago Tribune

Readers will remain in the dark right up until the explosive climax.— The San Francisco Chronicle

Gripping ... Robust writing and a breakneck pace.— Boston Herald

Don't ever begin a Ludlum novel if you have to go to work the next day.— Chicago Sun-Times
The Coil
Copyright © 2005
by Gayle Lynds
St Martin's P
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Liz Sansborough thought she had left her past behind forever. A former CIA field agent as well as the daughter of perhaps the most notorious Cold War assassin, the man known to the world only as The Carnivore, Liz is now a university professor in Southern California specializing in the psychology of violence. But her dead father's legacy has come back to overtake Liz.
Someone, somewhere is claiming to have possession of the Carnivore's secret files and is using the information contained within them to blackmail prominent world figures to promote some secret agenda. Files that Liz swore her father never kept. First Liz hersel f is attacked and almost killed, then Liz's cousin Sarah Walker is kidnapped in Paris and her husband, CIA agent Asher Flores, is gravely wounded. The only ransom the kidnappers will accept is the Carnivore's files. Now if Liz is to save Sarah, she must somehow resurrect her old tradecraft skills and, in a desperate hunt across two continents, locate the files and uncover a dark and dangerous conspiracy linked to a shadowy group known only as the Coil.
With her bestselling thriller Masquerade, Gayle Lynds earned her reputation as one of the most exciting new writers of international suspense. Now with The Coil, the sequel to Masquerade, Gayle Lynds is at the very top of her form, proving herself one of the finest writers in the field today. — from the publisher

The novel moves at a blistering pace, much in the tradition of espionage legend Robert Ludlum, with whom Lynds co-wrote three novels. [Her main character] has appeal &#$151;a wry sense of humor and infectious enthusiasm. — Publishers Weekly

The Hades Factor
Copyright © 2001
by Robert Ludlum and Gayle Lynds
St Martin's P
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An unknown doomsday virus quickly claims the lives of four people across the country — including Dr Sophia Russell, a researcher leading the team trying to crack the disease. Devastated and enraged, her fiance, Lt Colonel Jonathan Smith, uncovers evidence that his lover's death was no accident — that someone out there has the virus, and the pandemic that threatens countless millions of lives was planned. Not knowing where to turn or whom to trust, Smith assembles a private team to aid his fight against the deadly virus. While the death toll mounts rapidly, their quest leads them to the highest levels of power and the darkest corners of the earth, as Smith and his team match wits with a determined genius out to destroy them, with the fate of the world in the balance ... — from the publisher

As fast-paced, suspenseful, and exciting as a James Bond film, Hades Factor is a top-notch thriller! — Romantic Times

The Last Spymaster
Copyright © 2007
by Gayle Lynds
St Martin's P
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As chief of the CIA's elite Clandestine Services, Jay Tice was a legend throughout the world of international intelligence. But secretly he was also a traitor, selling information that would compromise the security of the United States for decades to come. Since his treachery was exposed, Tice has been kept under strict surveillance in a maximum security prison. Then one morning, his cell is discovered empty. Tice has vanished — without tripping an alarm or leaving any trace of his passing.
Elaine Cunningham is a hunter, a CIA operative who specializes in finding people who don’t want to be found. Young, gifted, and a maverick, she is assigned to track Tice — until she discovers there is far more at stake than an old spy's last run for freedom.
Lurking in the shadows are other hidden players with their own lethal agendas…and from Geneva to Washington, Berlin to New York City, a deadly conspiracy is coalescing. With only a few hours to go and the future of millions in the balance, Cunningham must uncover the truth behind the legend of THE LAST SPYMASTER.

Today's finest espionage writer unleashes an instant classic! — Lee Child

A sizzling thrill ride! — Steve Berry

Nerve-tingling…will keep you turning the pages well into the night. — Vince Flynn

As high octane as they come. — Chicago Tribune

Plentiful tradecraft and relentless danger combine with some clever plot twists for an entertaining read. — The Economist

Lynds [is] superbly gifted. ... Her narrative skills and her character-creation engine are as high octane as they come. — Chicago Tribune

[A] classic espionage thriller. — Publishers Weekly

Lynds' books have long been acclaimed for their authenticity in describing the covert world, and this one is no different. The Last Spymaster is filled with rich characters and details ripped from the world of espionage ... reminiscent of the work of Robert Ludlum or Frederick Forsyth. — Chicago Sun-Times

The Queen of the international spy thriller is back with her best novel yet! The Last Spymaster is tremendous ... great plotting, fascinating characters, amazing technical accuracy, breath-taking action. But best of all is her unrelenting examination of the moral ambiguity inherent in intelligence and counter-terrorism. Set aside of a few days of your life for this one — it's well worth it! — Marcus Wynne, author of Brothers in Arms

Non-stop…[a] stand out. ... An outstanding read. — Wichita Falls Times Record News

Like the fearsome plunge on a dangerous roller coaster, this thriller…gets your heartbeat racing ..., Lynds has added another jewel to her tiara as one of the reigning queens of the international spy-thriller genre. — Library Journal

Copyright © 2004
by Gayle Lynds
St Martin's P
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When you gaze into the mirror — and find a stranger looking back? Liz Sansborough has no recollection of her past as a CIA agent; no idea what her future holds. For her, there is only the present ... and the chilling knowledge that the world's most lethal assassin has set his sights on her. When your only link to your identity is a stranger who claim to be lover? Gordon is so gentle, so loving — and so secretive. If Liz dares to put her life into his powerful hands, will he guard it with his own — or snuff it out? When violence explodes around you, when nothing makes sense, when nobody — including you — is whom he or she appears to be? As Liz unravels a series of lies, she begins to suspect that the truth she encounters might be far more sinister — and deadly — than the original deception... — from the publisher

With its appealing heroine, this novel, written by an author who dares to tread in the predominately male bastion of CIA suspense novels, should cause a splash. ... There's a lot of blood and guts here, but also an interesting story about how a woman who preferred to be on the sidelines of life becomes a passionate, committed actor in this drama. — Library Journal<>

Copyright © 2002
by Gayle Lynds
Pocket Star
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After a heart transplant saves brilliant Washington attorney Beth Convey, she inexplicably acquires new tastes and abilities, and finds herself haunted by strange dreams -- or are they memories? Her search for answers leads Beth to former FBI agent turned reporter Jeff Hammond. Together they hunt down the truth and discover top-secret Information that could reignite the Cold War. Gayle Lynds delivers a modern-day spy story of passion and treachery, packed with authentic detail, politics, history, and romance. From the corridors of the FBI's Hoover building to the dangerous streets of the new Moscow Mesmerized will take you on the roller-coaster ride of a lifetime, climaxing in a great showdown at the home of American democracy itself. — from the publisher

Mesmerized is not an apt title, unless it's intended to mean fascination — a term she could have used to describe not only her heroine's quest but also the effect of her story on the reader. Most mysteries, thrillers and whodunits invite skimming. Mesmerized is a page-turner that calls for hot pursuit from the word go. — Los Angeles Times

Engrossing... Every twist and turn brings new suprises. — — Los Angeles Times

Mesmerized will keep you just that. — Wall Street Journal

Magnificent fiction ... impossible to put down ... edgy and enthralling. — BookPage

Copyright © 1999
by Gayle Lynds
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Praised by writers from Clive Cussler to Sue Grafton, Gayle Lynds has emerged as a leading star of suspense fiction. Her bestselling debut novel Masquerade was hailed as "gloriously paranoid, immensely satisfying" (The Los Angeles Times). Now Lynds brings the international thriller to an electrifying new level with this bullet-fast tale. While giving a gala performance at London's Royal Albert Hall, blind concert-pianist Julia Austrian's sight returns as mysteriously as it disappeared ten years earlier when she was struck by a rare psychological disorder. But her euphoria shatters when she witnesses her mother's murder — a trauma that hurls her back into her dark and lonely world. Blind, yet the only person who can identify the killer, Julia abandons her celebrated life, regains her sight through hypnosis, and joins maverick CIA analyst Sam Keeline to piece together a series of seemingly random acts that form a vast and terrifying puzzle that threatens America's political system. — from the publisher

Lynds ... writes splendid action scenes. — Publishers Weekly

[Lynds'] twisting complexity rivals Le Carre's ... but it's fresher, more puzzling and entertaining. — Denver Post

The Paris Option
Copyright © 2003
by Robert Ludlum and Gayle Lynds
St Martin's P
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When Scott and Linda Gardner hire Julian Sawyer to tutor their troubled teenage son, Brandon, he seems like the answer to a prayer. Capable and brilliant, Julian connects with Brandon in a way neither of his parents can. He also effortlessly helps Linda to salvage a troubled business deal and gives Scott expert advice on his tennis game. Only eleven-year-old Ruby — funny, curious, devoted to Sherlock Holmes — has doubts about the stranger in their midst who has so quickly become like a member of the family. But even the observant Ruby is far from understanding Julian's true designs on the Gardners. For Julian, the Gardners are like specimens in jars, creatures to be studied — and manipulated. Scott is a gambler with no notion of odds, festering in the shadow of his more successful brother. Linda is ambitious, hungry for the cultured stimulation Julian easily provides. Brandon is risking his future late at night in the town woods. And Ruby — well, she's just a silly little girl. And in that miscalculation lies the Gardner family's only possible salvation. — from the publisher

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