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The Alley of Wishes
Copyright © 2002
by Laurel Johnson
Dandelion Books
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... a modern masterpiece. Her poetic words flow seamlessly, creating a story of incredible depth. Highest recommendation. —

I have read and reviewed many a novel, but never have the characters stayed within my heart as Cerise and Beck have. A love affair that will draw you into its very essence.... A story you will not soon forget. — Midwest Book Review

This is an outstanding book and I give it my highest recommendation. It has all the qualities of a classic novel that should be handed down from generation to generation and read over and over again. — Denise's Pieces

Color of Laughter,
Color of Tears
Copyright © 2005
by Laurel Johnson & Stephen R. Sulik
Winterwolf Publishing
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It isn't often that a book of poetry has the power to stir such intense emotions. ... This is a work of raw emotions that will sting your heard. — Midwest Book Review

Poets Sulik and Johnson have combined their considerable talents into an anthology of poems that look into the heart of love, life, pain, and change. Their book paints the human condition from the sublime to the ordinary with insight, passion, and heart. Highly recommended. — The Wichita Eagle

The Grass Dance
Copyright © 2001
by Laurel Johnson
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Whether you believe this book is myth, dream, or icon, it speaks of life's simple truths. Falling in love. Facing death. The loyalty of friends. Losing sight of what's important for awhile. Struggles are a part of life, as well as love and hope. The story holds a message for dreamers and cynics, believers and sceptics, and those who fall somewhere between. It is a personal chronicle of love, loss, family, friends, and the living circle that connects us all to our Creator and each other. — from the jacket

Written beautifully, with powerful imagery, it's a wonderful story of hope and resurrection for men, women, and children alike. A book to cherish. My highest recommendation. —

This is a book you will treasure for years to come. A book of trials, to be sure, but also a story of hope, faith, courage, and victory. Well worth your read. — Midwest Book Review

To call this venture into someone's life a book would not give it the value and tenderness it deserves. — Amazing Authors Showcase

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