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Copyright © 1995
by Mona Z Koppelman
Rose Theatre, Los Angeles

Sometime in the next millennium, two border guards in a barren wasteland pass a long night watch by spinning a story that takes them back to the "halcyon days" of their war, the 1990s. The story is of two young Bosnian women: the free-spirited Jelena, and her friend Hika, a shy, introverted girl who is half Muslim. At a dance, the girls meet a pair of soldiers celebrating a last night of freedom before going to the front. When Jelena fatally wounds one of the soliders, she evades punishment by assuming the soldier's identity and heading to the front in his place. Both girls survive the war, but when they are at least reuinted, the cost of survival is their friendship. — from the production notes
"Tragic farce" is an excellent description of Mona Koppelman's ferocious satire about the early days of the war in Bosnia-herzegovina. ... a thought-provoking mixture of cruel humor and chilling horror — and it sums up recent world events with remarkable elegance and sensitivity. — LA Reader
Mona Koppelman's fascinating and pervesely funny play about Bosnia mercifully sidesteps political agendas, offering instead a broader, absurdist meditation on power relationships and the suffering they engender. — LA Weekly
... dutifully researched background detail ... a tragic parable told through the interlocking stories of two girlfriends. ... The play's strong suit is its frame tale about a pair of comical border guards ... enemies who have lost their own sense of boundaries and now cavort like the clowns in Waiting for Godot.Los Angeles Times
Koppelman can write moving and even riveting dialogue, and the principal members of the cast do themselves proud in strenuous, complex roles. — Charlottesville Weekly

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