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KENNY MILLER was born in Yankton, South Dakota, and grew up in Hartington, Nebraska, the middle son of Ken and Bernice (Bun) Miller. He was educated at the University of Nebraska — Lincoln, where he earned a BS in Business Administration. He has also studied commercial art. His books include A Visit to Hartington (iUniverse), The Last Flight of Kilo Mike (1stbooks), and A Story from the Stands (a self-published ebook). He owns and operate Miller & Company, a small business marketing and advertising consulting firm. He creates logo design, ebooks, business story writing, and product catalog design. He also shoots on-location photography. In addition to other position in advertising, he has worked as a charter pilot, including a stint as one of country singer Willie Nelsonís personal pilots. He has been writing for most of his life but was inspired to write his first book, A Visit to Hartington, by Willie Nelson. "I asked Willie how he knew when he had a hit," Miller said. "Willie told me he didn't do anything with the idea right away but if it was there a long time later, he knew he was supposed to. That's when I took the stories out of the desk drawer and started writing the book."

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