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Fifty Years a Country Doctor
Copyright © 1998
by Hull Cook
U of Nebraska P

In a world of HMOs, insurance companies, and an endless flood of forms, Hull Cook reminds us that there was a time when a visit to the doctor's office cost three dollars and doctors still made house calls. Cook recounts fifty years of service as a rural doctor in Texas and Nebraska, where a wide spectrum of dilemmas tested his resourcefulness, endurance, and sense of humor. He describes helping to deliver a baby via telephone during the Blizzard of '49, and he explains his "special delivery" of medication in the dead of winter — an operation involving his Beechcraft Bonanza airplane and a parachute jerry-rigged from dental floss and a red handkerchief. Cook saw it all, from cow-manure poultices to snakebite to kerosene poisoning to drug addiction. His humorous account of life in the first half of the twentieth century conveys a distinct sense of the slings and arrows of doctoring on the plains. — from the jacket

Dr. Cook's book is a real find. ... A delight to read. — Noel Perrin

Amusing, moving, vivid, and compelling. This book gives the reader a portion of history that should be preserved. — William Kloefkorn

Lively tales from the rural medical beat . . . Cook delivers one rollicking anecdote after another illustrating what it was like before the age of high-tech medicine and litigation. It's a nonstop barrage of follies and close calls. . . . For the lucky backwater communities that have a Dr. Cook — dedicated, amiable, pressing on without food or sleep — the sick have recourse. Most readers will only marvel at such a gift. — Kirkus Reviews

The 200 or so pages of 50 Years A Country Doctor by Hull Cook take the reader through some hair-raising experiences, as well as entertain with some delightful accounts of those years between 1929 and the second World War, and into the '70s when the medical practice began to change radically. — Ponca City News

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