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Damaged Merchandise: Poems and Stories
of an Alcoholic Addict
Copyright © 2004
by Dave Harm
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Damaged Merchandise, is a book about hope and dreams. Even those lost in an alcoholic or drug induce haze, have dreams. They were just lost or "damaged" due to the abuse. With sobriety, came the knowledge that I needed to live in the real world. Still, with reality it was OK to dream. And with reality, I achieved goals, which I hoped would make my dreams come true! Damaged Merchandise, is the story of dreams coming true, while living in the real world. Told through stories and poems, Damaged Merchandise: Poems and Stories of an Alcoholic Addict, is my story. A story of destruction and damage, which 10 years later, I'm still trying to correct. At times, the poems leave the reader wondering "what if?" and that's OK, because the final chapter, in my life has yet to be written. From homelessness, to ODing, failed suicides, running and hiding (both from myself and the law), its all here. From drug dealing, to stealing, to hitch-hiking the USA, the reader enters a world, where few go and fewer survive! — from the author

[Damaged Merchandise] is a well written and crafted work of contemporary poetry. Mr Harm is a promising talent in his field. — from the publisheer

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