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A writer who refers to her work as "lyrical nonfiction," J RUTH GENDLER grew up in Omaha, Nebraska, attending Western Hills, Lewis and Clark Jr High, and Central High School, where she worked on the Central High Register along with Michael Rips. Her father and my maternal grandmother, a Lithuanian immigrant, also attended Central High. She is the author of three books: <>iThe Book of Qualities (HarperCollins, 1988), Changing Light: The Eternal Cycle of Night and Day (HarperCollins 1991), and Notes on the Need for Beauty: An Intimate Look at an Essential Quality (Da Capo, 2007), In 1987 The Book of Qualities was adapted as a two-act theater piece and performed at the Omaha Community Playhouse; in 1995 Josie Gerst choreographed three of her poems under the title “Lumiere” for a dance conference at UNO. She is also a visual artist and lives in Berkeley, California.

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