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Dreams of the N'dorobo
Copyright © 2004
by Gary Gabelouse
The Lyons Press
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Dreams of the N'dorobo is a hard-hitting fast-action adventure novel, part mystery, part Indiana Jones, and all adrenaline. On the slopes of Mt Kenya lies a secret called "Dream Walking": an old magic of the reclusive N'dorobo tribe, a mystery that has been whispered around cook fires for generations. Dream Walking challenges the illusion of bedrock reality and offers a breakthrough in the esoteric art of political assassination. When Gabe Turpin stumbles onto a torture scene, killing the torturers and rescuing an old shaman who is their victim, he finds himself in the center of a dangerous whirlwind. A middle-aged but still rugged anthropologist and adventurer, Gabe is a man haunted by cruel memories of his youth — memories of death that won't die — as he explores the mystical and sometimes dark side of tribal cultures throughout the world. Under the tutelage of the grateful shaman, Gabe works to master Dream Walking and to solve the mysterious destruction that travels with it like a dismal fog — before it kills him. With action ranging from the secret US attempts to put down the Mau Mau insurrection in the 1950s to garden-variety political strife and murder in the 2000s; from death and resurrection on the mountain to the appalling, ever-present stench of corpses in the shantytowns of the coast, Dreams of the N'dorobo is a unique guided tour of the seamy side of Africa, juxtaposed against the nobility of African tradition, and is, above all, a raring good adventure. — from the publisher

In Gary Gabelhouse's violent adventure thriller, Dreams of the N'dorobo: Mystery, Murder, and Mysticism in the Shadows of Africa, an American explorer returns to Kenya, where an aged tribal sage teaches him how to "dream," that is, teleport his body. This magical ability comes in handy when an assassin, who's also mastered the art, goes after the visiting US Vice President. The author, a professional climber, knows his Africa. ... — Publisher's Weekly

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