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Dark Side of Paradise
Copyright © 2005
by Connie Crow

Meg Morton has spent a week in Paradise. She's met the man of her dreams. She can imagine spending the rest of her life with him — if she doesn't have to send him to prison first. — from the publisher

Smoothly written, luxuriantly vivid, and not too deep, The Dark Side of Paradise is the perfect accompaniment to a lo-oo-ong bubble bath. — Joy Calderwood, Reviewer's Choice Reviews

Daughter of the Dragon
Copyright © 2002
by Connie Crow

Gold fever grips Florence, Idaho, in 1867. Noah must make his peace with his past and Sun Lee must learn to trust someone other than herself in order to claim this overwhelming love as they move in the Shadow of the Dragon. — from the publisher

Little Secrets
Copyright © 2004
by Connie Crow

Best selling novelist Karen Stevens has it all — a hit book, a loving husband and a wonderful son about to graduate from the Air Force Academy. A picture perfect life — that unravels in an instant when she meets her son's fiancee's parents. She comes face to face with her past as David Carlson, a long forgotten lover, is introduced as the father of the bride. Only Karen knows he may also be the father of the groom. — from the publisher

Moonlight Fire
Copyright © 2004
by Connie Crow

Corinna McGinnis joins an Army column as a laundress to earn the land bonus offered, to have a place of her own. Her world collides with Captain Geoffrey Humbolt, from a very old, aristocratic family, who is smarting from being rejected by a fickle fiancée. Their instant attraction pulls them together against all odds. They overcome class prejudice and betrayal to build a life together, defying the "social rule" that a lowly laundress could never be good enough for an officer to love... — from the publisher

A thrilling story that showed how hard life was. A very good read... — Détra Fitch of Huntress Book Reviews

An exciting trip back in time — convincing in its detail and inspiring in its imagination... — Sandy Cummins of Writers Exchange, 4 stars

The reader becomes engrossed in the adventure, feeling more a participant in history than an observer... — Carol Durfee of Romance Communications

No Place for a Lady
Copyright © 2008
by Connie Crow
Awe-Struck e-Books

Lady Janette Dupree wants to go home; she wants to help her brother re-establish their family in Paris after Napoleon's defeat. But a bullet through their town house window, made it clear she's not safe yet. Wounded, she must accede to her brother's wishes and return to England; a noble exile-again. American diplomat, Andrew Delong must secure vital trade treaties with England if the shaky new America is to survive as a nation. His patriotic heart beats strong; but he is completely distracted when he meets the charming French noblewoman taking up residence with his aunt and uncle, the Duke of Guilworth. They must find a way to balance personal happiness against duty to allow them to find the happiness they both deserve. — from the publisher

No Place For a Lady is a unique historical romance. Very few novels deal with the fate of exiled French aristocrats. Drew and Janette are a natural pairing in the insular English society. Both are outsiders. Both are from countries not well loved by the English. I can understand the attraction. My only disappointment was with the ending. This is clearly the first book in a series and it was challenging to be happy for Drew and Janette with the rest of the plot so unresolved. — Fallen Angel Reviews, 3 ANGELS

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