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First Avenue
Copyright © 2003
by Lowen Clausen
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When novelist Lowen Clausen first began writing First Avenue, "there was no distance between the street and me." Having once been a seasoned beat cop in the waterfront city, Clausen creates a convincing portrait of Sam, who can't get the image of the dead baby out of his mind and who can no longer "sweat out" the streets in his daily kayak trek home. During Sam's dogged investigation emerge other intriguing people in Sam's life-his beautiful neighbor Georgia; Sam's friend Silve, the restaurant owner in the Pike Place Market; and the mysterious young Alaska Native girl, Maria. — from the jacket

Clausen debuts with a strong effort: Sam is a well-developed, intriguing protagonist whom readers will root for, and the downtown Seattle ambiance, especially the references to teenage gangs, is vivid. — Publishers Weekly

Skillful, moody as Seattle in the rain, and just as alluring. — Stephen White

An authenticity that only a real cop could convey. Sights, sounds, smells, and most all real emotion mark this novel this novel as a winner! — Ann Rule

Here is a thoughtful police drama, filled with insight and empathy. More than a shoot-em-up, First Avenue offers a glimpse at the human beings who can be found in the shadows of skid row. Clausen is a fine writer with enough talent and personal experience to keep us reading for many more books. — John Straley

Copyright © 2008
by Lowen Clausen
Silo Press
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A tale of solitary travel and the spiritually healing powers of nature, this multilayered narrative follows a bereaved father as he kayaks his way through grief. The shallow stream in northwestern Nebraska where he starts his journey is all but inseparable from this lonely manís lifeóitís where he fell in love for the first time, had his first sexual encounters, and scattered the ashes of his son. Deemed a fitting place to realize his long overdue dream of building a boat and letting the river take him where it may, the man launches his kayak and soul into the water. With the angry last words of his son echoing in his head, the man abandons himself to the river and its whims with the hope that it will lead him to forgiveness and understanding of the tangled relationship he had with his estranged son. — from the publisher

Second Watch
Copyright © 2000
by Lowen Clausen
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Seattle's Ballard Avenue is the beat for officers Grace Stevens and Katherine Murphy — and the scene of a sadistic murder. Enlisted by the Sex Crimes Unit, Grace and Katherine are charting darker territory than ever before — and discovering, firsthand, the evil that men do. — from the jacket

Clausen is a natural ... with an authenticity only a real cop could convey. — Ann Rule

The second novel from former Seattle police officer Clausen (First Avenue) is equal parts police procedural and character study, and the two halves are balanced to perfection. — Publishers Weekly

Third & Forever
Copyright © 2005
by Lowen Clausen
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When Officer Grace Stevens returns to college for an advanced degree, she doesn't expect to stumble into the web of a serial rapist whose charm and skill on the football field hide a much more sinister side. In the big money arena of college sports where winners are above the law, Grace finds herself playing a dangerous game against an opponent who doesn't like to lose. — from the publisher

Clausen — who served 13 years on the Seattle police force that he so movingly depicts — has created characters with integrity and internal strength who take on life's tribulations and win even though justice is not always served. — Library Journal

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