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Road Trip
Copyright © 2003
by Marjorie Saiser & Shelly Clark
Backwaters Press

Who does JV Brummels write on Mondays? How did Jonis Agee come to ride her horse on the streets of Omaha? Who fostered William Kloefkorn's interest in language? Why does Ted Kooser recommend spending an afternoon in Morrill Hall? What similarities does Eamonn Wall find between Nebraska and his hometown in Ireland? How does Don Welch feel about grading poetry? There are many fine writers in Nebraska, many more than can fit into one book, but here's a start. Go on the road with Marjorie Saiser and Shelly Clark as they talk with a dozen writers about early writing experiences and teaching styles. The book also features selected poetry and prose of William Kloefkorn, Don Welch, Brent Spencer, Jonis Agee, Barbara Schmitz, Charles Fort, Hiilda Raz, Ron Block, Eamonnn Wall, Twyla Hansen, JV Brummels, and Ted Kooser. — from the jacket

If you like to write or are just plain interested in the mind of a writer, this is the book for you. — NCB News

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