Nebraska Center for Writers

by Lenora Castillo

She lifts her silk skirt
around her bloodless thighs
then slides over the porch railing,
leaving bits of her ruffled petticoats
around the rusted nails.

She rattles the door
leaving her frosty hand prints
on the glass
as she peers, longingly,
into the empty house.

She paces for hours,
running her long, bony fingers
through the silver wind-chimes
and plucking the few leaves
remaining on a tree.

She moans,
waiting for the moment
when she can slip inside,
gather the warmth of the room
in her pale shawl,
and leave behind the crisp scent
of her perfume.

Reprinted with permission
from Nebraska Poets Calendar
Copyright © 1995
by Lenora Castillo
Black Star Press

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