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JV BRUMMELS was born near Winside and grew up on farms and ranches in northern Nebraska. He is the descendent of pioneers who first came to the region in the 1870s. His great-grandfather, Peter Brummels, served as a fireman on the first train to cross Wayne County. His great-grandmother, Augusta Stark, was brought as a child by her uncle and aunt to the area in the 1870s. When the uncle and aunt died, neighbors raised Augusta. She met Peter Brummels at the newly-formed railroad town of Hoskins. Brummels was educated at the University of Nebraska — Lincoln and Syracuse University. He teaches at Wayne State College (from which his grandfather flunked out), where he edits Nebraska Territory and directs the Plains Writers Circuit. His poems have appeared in Chariton Review, Quarterly West, The Midwest Quarterly, Prairie Schooner, and elsewhere. His work has been anthologized in A Geography of Poets (Bantam, 1979). He has also been published in Rolling Stone. His books include 614 Pearl (Abattoir Editions, 1986), Deus Ex Machina (Spectra/Bantam, 1989), and Sunday's Child (Basfal, 1994). His most recent books are Clay Hills, (Nosila Press, 1996) The Cheyenne Line and Other Poems (Backwaters Press, 2001), and Book of Grass (Grizzly Media). He lives in Wayne County, where he and his family run a horseback cattle operation.

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