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About Leo Adam Biga

Biga's work has been recognized by his peers with local (Omaha Press Club), regional (Nebraska Press Association), and national awards (American Jewish Press Association). He has earned the respect of many colleagues.

“I’ve long admired Leo Biga’s journalism and prose portraiture for its honesty, thoughtfulness, and accuracy. On a personal note, throughout many years of being interviewed, I find Mr. Biga’s articles about me to be the most complete and perceptive of any journalist’s anywhere. They ring true to me — even in critique — in a way that reveals the depth of his talent in observation, understanding, and expression.” — Alexander Payne, filmmaker (Citizen Ruth, Election, About Schmidt, Sideways)

“Leo Adam Biga portrays his subjects with both precision and generosity, practicing a literary journalism that is enlightening, honest, and immensely readable. His writing is eloquent and provocative, and quite often moving.” — Timothy Schaffert, novelist (The Phantom Limbs of the Rollow Sisters)

“Leo Adam Biga is an astute, conscientious journalist whose interviews and articles have been widely admired for their accuracy, generosity, depth, and perceptiveness. I would position him among the finest of our national reporters on the arts and culture.” — Ron Hansen, novelist (The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford)

“Leo Biga personifies one of HL Mencken's more memorable observations: ‘There are no dull subjects. There are only dull writers.’ Biga consistently teaches and delights, not with showy vocabulary or flashy syntax, but by placing his prodigious talents in the service of his subject and his readers.” — Richard Dooling, author (White Man's Grave and Brain Storm)

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