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“Former teen” actor, playwright, and poet BRIAN E BENGTSON is a native of Omaha but has been to enough different places to be content in calling this city his home. In 1986, he started working with the Omaha Magic Theatre and has appeared in eight touring and in-house productions, such as Sleazing Towards Athens, Kegger, and Sea of Forms. While living in New Orleans, his one-act play, Fags in the Mall, was first produced by The Crawlspace Theater in 1991. For four years, he served as Poetry Editor for The New Voice of Nebraska, (which at one time was the state's oldest gay and lesbian magazine) until it folded in 1998. His poetry has appeared in magazines such as Poetry Motel, Hurăkan, Bay Windows, Out/Look, "remark", and David's Place. His first chapbook, entitled Gay. ... Some Assembly Required, was published by Lone Willow Press in 1995. His newest book, entitled First Chill: A Collection of Poetry, was released by PublishAmerica ( in February of 2005.

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