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of Peter G Beeson


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"Here I Am," "The Way It Is," "I Am Not Here," and "Still Here" in Sparking Memories


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Photo Essays (Text & Photographs)

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"Slight Chance of Flurries," Nebraska Life, January/February, 2000, pp. 3, 41-45 (9 photographs).

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"Niobrara Autumn," Nebraska Life, September/October 2003 pp. 64-69 (10 photographs).

"Dragonflies" Nebraska Life, May/June 2004, pp. 34-35 (4 photographs).

"The Staff of Life" Nebraska Life, September/October-2004, pp. 8-11 (6 photographs).

"Reflecting the Farm" Nebraska Life, November/December-2004, p. 40 (1 photograph).

"The Devilís Rope" Nebraska Life, March/April-2005, pp.


Lincoln Journal and Star, Black & White Winner Snapshot Contest, Kodak International Newspaper Snapshot Awards, July 27, 1980.

Lincoln Journal and Star, Black & White Winner Snapshot Contest, Kodak International Newspaper Snapshot Awards, August 21, 1986.

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Photography show at "The Blue Heron" (Lincoln, NE), ten color and ten black & white prints, January 6 through February 28, 1997.

Nebraska Life, March/April-1999, 1 photograph, (back cover).

Nebraska Life, September/October-1999, 3 photographs (p. 12, 16 & one on back cover).

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Nebraska Life, May/June-2000, 1 photograph (Nebraska Glory, p. 62).

Nebraska Life, November/December-2000, 1 photograph (Nebraska Glory, p. 54).

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Book Cover: Where Prairie Flowers Bloom and Other Poems by Yvonne Hollenbeck, 2002.

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Nebraska Life, July/August-2002, 1 photograph "A Last Look (SAC Man)" (p. 70).

Nebraska Life, September/October-2002, 1 photograph "A Last Look" (p. 70).


Executive producer and script writer: "Coming to the County: An Introduction to Rural Mental Health Practice." (35 minutes), Nebraska Department of Public Institutions, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1990.

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