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List of Courses
ENG 330

Introduction to Irish Literature

3 credit hours
This course serves as an introduction to the field of Irish Studies by focusing on some of the major writers and on the historical, social, literary and linguistic backgrounds of 3000 years of Irish literature.
ENG 512

Studies in Major Authors

3 credit hours
Dedicates an intensive semester studying major writers. Courses vary each semester.
ENG 532

The Irish Renaissance

3 credit hours
Studying the period between Parnell's death in 1891 and the start of World War II, this course will focus on the emergence of modern Irish literature and the Irish Republic through the works of the Irish Literary Revival.
ENG 533

Contemporary Irish Literature

3 credit hours
A study of the distinguished writers between the mid-twentieth century and the present, possibly including Samuel Beckett, Patrick Kavanagh, Edna O'Brien, John Montague, Brian Friel, Eavan Boland, and Seamus Heaney.
In addition, the Irish Literature major will take one of the following courses:

• ENG 531—Irish Drama—3 Credit Hours
• ENG 534—Irish-American Literature—3 Credit Hours
• ENG 535—Studies in Irish Literature—3 Credit Hours
• ENG 536—Studies in Irish Literary History and Culture—3 Credit Hours

Satellite Programs: A Certificate in Irish Literature and Culture
It's easy to get hooked in this field, which is why we've designed a certificate to be awarded to any student completing all the Irish Literature courses. Prerequisites include six hours of basic literature and three hours of composition.

For information on other requirements of the English major, please visit the English department information page.