Creighton University Writing Center

Our Mission

Creighton University Writing Center Mission Statement

The most important thing we do at the Writing Center is to listen.


Having listened, we do nothing more or less than to ask questions, offer suggestions, take suggestions, and listen further still, together.


We recognize that all of us—as writers--bring a different set of experiences and expectations to our writing.


We work with and for any member of the Creighton community, broadly understood, who seeks a dialogue about his or her writing.


Our purpose is one of sharing and collaborative service.


We practice cura personalis. In our case, “care for the whole writer.”


We recognize that the Writing Center is a “sacred space,” and that the writers sharing such a space are making a brave step.


We welcome all writers “as they are” and “where they are,” and look forward to seeing writers progress, on their own terms, to the places they want to be.







| 2008 Barbara Ball