The Collegians


Gerald Griffin


Electronic Editions, 2000
Michael Sundermeier, editor


  1. How Garryowen Rose, and how It Fell
  2. How Eily O'Connor Puzzled All the Inhabitants of Garryowen
  3. How Mr. Daly the Middleman Sat Down to Breakfast
  4. How Mr. Daly the Middleman Rose Up From Breakfast
  5. How Kyrle Daly Rode Out to Woo, and how Lowry Looby Told Him Some Stories on the Way
  6. How Kyrle Daly Was More Puzzled by a Piece of Paper, than the Abolishers of the Small-Note Currency Themselves
  7. How Kyrle Daly Discovers that All the Sorrow Under the Sun Does Not Rest Upon His Shoulders Alone
  8. How the Reader, Contrary to the Declared Intention of the Historian, Obtains a Description of Castle Chute
  9. How Myles Murphy is Heard on Behalf of His Ponies
  10. How Kyrle Daly Sped in His Wooing
  11. How Kyrle Daly Has the Good Luck to See a Staggeen-Race
  12. How Fortune Brings Two Old Friends Together
  13. How the Two Friends Hold a Longer Conversation Together than the Reader May Probably Approve
  14. How Lowry Becomes Philosophical
  15. How Hardress Spent His Time while Kyrle Daly Was Asleep
  16. How the Friends Parted
  17. How Hardress Learned a Little Secret From a Dying Huntsman
  18. How the Gentlemen Spent the Evening, which Proved Rather Warmer than Hardress Expected
  19. How Hardress Met an Old Friend and Made a New One
  20. How Hardress Had a Strange Dream of Eily
  21. How Hardress Met a Strange Trial
  22. How the Temptation of Hardress Proceeded
  23. How an Unexpected Visitor Arrived in Eily's Cottage
  24. How Eily Undertakes a Journey in the Absence of Her Husband
  25. How Eily Fared in Her Expedition
  26. How Hardress Consoled Himself During His Separation From Eily
  27. How Hardress Answered the Letter of Eily
  28. How the Little Lord Put His Master's Wishes into Action
  29. How Hardress Lost An Old Acquaintance
  30. How Hardress Got His Hair Dressed in Listowel, and Heard a Little News
  31. How Kyrle Daly Hears of the Handsome Conduct of His Friend Hardress
  32. How Kyrle Daly's Warlike Ardour Was Checked by an Untoward Incident
  33. How Hardress Met a Friend of Eily's at the Wake
  34. How the Wake Concluded
  35. How Hardress at Length Received Some News of Eily
  36. How Hardress Made a Confidant
  37. How Hardress Found that Conscience Is the Sworn Foe of Valour
  38. How the Situation of Hardress Became More Critical
  39. How the Danger to the Secret of Hardress Was Averted by the Ingenuity of Irish Witnesses
  40. How Hardress Took a Decisive Step for His Own Security
  41. How the Ill-Temper of Hardress Again Brought Back His Perils
  42. How Mr. Warner Was Fortunate Enough to Find a Man that Could and Would Speak English
  43. How the Bride Was Startled by an Unexpected Guest
  44. How More Guests Appeared at the Wedding than Had Been Invited
  45. How the Story Ended