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M.A. in Creative Writing


Concentrating on a core of workshops that allow writers to share their work in a professional and mentored environment, the Creative Writing track also grounds that creative work in literature seminars. In addition, the Creative Writing track provides for instruction and experience in teaching through the practicum and in the professional world through internship opportunities.

I Required Foundation Courses (6 hours)

Eng. 600: Introduction to Graduate Study
Eng. 721: Seminar in Literary Criticism

II Required Creative Writing Core (12 hours)

Eng. 640: Creative Writing Workshop (4 times)

III Support Unit (12 hours)

Any four graduate-level English courses (excluding ENG 640), selected in consultation with the Graduate Director

IV Required Capstone Courses (6 hours)

Eng. 798: Creative Thesis
Supervised Teaching Practicum (one of the following): Eng. 680, 681, 682, 683 (click for more information)

V Additional Requirements

Comprehensive Examination
(Reading competence in a second language is strongly recommended but not required)

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