English Phonology

The Human Vocal Tract (click here for diagram)

Modern English Consonants

Chart of consonant phonemes in English

Examples: [p]: pat, [b]: bat, [t]: time, [d]: dime, [k]: came, [g]: game, []: chump, []: jump, [f]: fat, [v]: vat, []: thigh [ð]: thy, [s]: sap, [z]: zap, []: glacier/mesher, []: glazier/measure, [h]: ham, [m]: man, [n]: nun, []: sing, [l]: lamp, [r]: ramp, [w]: world, [y]: yore/you; the glottal stop and the flap are not phonemic but are frequently used allophones of [t] in words such as "satin," "rotten," mountain," "cater," "waiter," "later"

Modern English Vowels

Prosody (stress patterns)


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