Placing Henry James: a conference

Conference Program
The Notre Dame London Centre
June 29 - July 1, 2012

Friday June 29

Fri. 11.00-12.30 Meeting of General Editors and Volume Editors (only for those involved in editing the Complete Fiction of Henry James)

Fri. till 3.00 Self-guided walks in James's London (suggested itinerary available here)

Fri. 3.00-5.00 Registration

Fri. 5.00-6.15 Keynote: Greg Zacharias, 'London, Home and Henry James's Letters from the Later 1870s' (Chair: Adrian Poole)

Fri. 6.30-8.30 Reception at the Reform Club, in association with the Thackeray Society (dress code: lounge suits)

Saturday June 30

Sat. 9.00-10.45 Plenary session

A      IN JAMES'S LONDON (Chair: Michael Anesko) Trafalgar

Philip Horne, 'James in "London Town"'
Adrian Poole, 'Disenchantment and charisma: placing The Princess Casamassima'
Tamara Follini, 'Indeterminate Words, Dissolving Boundaries in The Wings of the Dove'

Sat. 10.45-11.15 Coffee

Sat. 11.15-1.00 Parallel session 1

B      JAMES AND THE PUBLISHING WORLD (Chair: Oliver Herford) G07

Rebekah Scott, 'Periodical Henry James: : J. Comyns Carr and the English Illustrated Magazine
Annick Duperray, '"The medium and/or the message": Henry James avant-garde magazine publications during the Yellow Nineties'
Hazel Hutchison, 'The Publisher's Tale: Henry James and the House of Heinemann'

C      ITALY (Chair: Susan Griffin) Trafalgar

Gert Buelens, 'Confidence in Siena'
Louis Leslie, 'Imagination and Observation: Tourists' Perceptions in Italy in Henry James' "Travelling Companions"'
Michael Gorra, 'Isabel's Rome'

D      POLITICS (Chair: Paul Armstrong) G04

Scott McCracken, "'The Vanishing Point": Henry James, Place and the Palais des Tuileries'
Denis Flannery, 'Henry James and Ireland: The Place of Barry Lyndon'
Kate Campbell, 'Finding Henry James in the Worlds of Politics and Journalism: the "charlatan governing class" and realpolitik in "The Papers"'

Sat. 1.00-2.00 Sandwich lunch provided

Sat. 2.00-3.45 Parallel session 2

E      PARIS (Chair: Richard Salmon) Trafalgar

Peter Walker, 'The Paris topography of The American'
Karen Scherzinger, '"Between a great antique and a great modern author there is often but the difference of an actress": Placing The Tragic Muse in Arsène Houssaye’s Confessions'
Nicola Bradbury, 'Finding your place in The Ambassadors'

F      JAMES AND THE VICTORIANS (Chair: Danny Karlin) G07

Matthew Peters, 'A Human Voice: Henry James and Thomas Carlyle'
Rosemary Ashton, 'Henry James and the Priory'
Bernard Richards, 'James as a Poet'

G      JAMES IN THE NINETIES I (Chair: Hazel Hutchison) G04

Kate Hext, 'The Ambiguous Place of Decadence in Henry James's Yellow '90s'
Mary Boyington, 'Changing Influence: The Nineties, Ghost Stories, and Maupassant'
Pamela Thurschwell, 'Placing Adolescence in the 1890s, or Acting Your Age in The Awkward Age'

Sat. 3.45-4.15 Tea

Sat. 4.15-6.00 Parallel session 3

H      BOSTON (Chair, Greg Zacharias) Trafalgar

Susan Griffin, 'Boston in The Europeans'
Jonathan Schroeder, ‘Henry James and Cosmopolitan Local Color in The Bostonians’ Emily Coit, '"The Want of the Boston Earnestness": James and the Place of Democratic Liberalism'
Daniel Karlin, 'The Representation of New England in The Bostonians'

I      JAMESIAN SENSATIONS (Chair: Pamela Thurschwell) G04

Hugh Stevens, 'Homosexual Blackmail and Scandal in The Wings of the Dove and James's late tales'
Anna Despotopoulou, ‘“Daughters of London”: Women and Urban Mobility in James’s Work’ Alicia Rix, '"A rushing to and fro and [. . .] changing of places": Riding in Cabs in What Maisie Knew'
Roslyn Jolly, 'Locating Georginai's Reasons'

Sat. 6.30-7.30 Keynote: Michael Wood, 'Places of Memory' (Chair: Philip Horne)

Sunday July 1

Sun. 9.00-10.45 Parallel session 4

J      PLACES AND SPACES IN JAMES (Chair: Denis Flannery) G07

Rory Drummond, 'James's "London Thing"'
Richard Salmon, ‘National and Global Space in “The Reverberator”’
Angus Wrenn, '"The First Person": The Role of Physical Place in the Attribution of Authenticity to the Narrative in Henry James'

K      JAMES ABOUT TOWN (Chair: Hugh Stevens) Trafalgar

Matthew Beaumont, 'Daily, Dusky Phantasmagoria: Nightwalking in The Princess Casamassima'
Miranda El-Rayess, '"A pastoral landscape under the smoky sky": Four Encounters in London Parks'
Julie Rivkin, 'A Map of Maisie's London, with a Little Tour of Folkestone and Boulogne'

L      JAMES AND THE VISUAL (Chair: Tamara Follini) G04

Jonathan Freedman, 'Strether Through the Looking Glass: Henry James Visuality and the Arts of Illusion'
Rosella Mamoli Zorzi, 'James and the London "Picture Sundays"'
Mhairi Pooler, 'Henry James's Travelling Eye: Repeated First Impressions'

Sun. 10.45-11.15 Coffee

Sun. 11.15-1.00 Parallel session 5
M      HENRY JAMES AND OTHERS (Chair: Sheila Teahan) G07

Jeremy Adler, '"The Epoch of Weltliteratur has arrived . . .': Goethe and Henry James'
Agnes Pokol-Hayhurst, ‘Partial Portraits: Henry James and Hugh Walpole’s London’
Alice Hiller, '"A force long unspent": Henry James, Fanny Kemble and The Bostonians'
Peter Robinson, 'Poetry in The American Scene: Weldon Kees and Donald Justice'

N      JAMES IN THE NINETIES II (Chair: Karen Scherzinger) Trafalgar

Merle A. Williams, 'Knowing the Dramatist by his Choices: James, Ibsen and The Awkward Age'
Jennifer Hamilton, 'James's Secret Agent: James Brand Pinker'
Jean Gooder, 'The Diamond Jubilee, from the back of the tapestry'

O      JAMESIAN OBJECTS (Chair: Jonathan Freedman) G04

Sara Thornton, 'Chinese Curiosities and Old Lacquer: Chinoiserie and Japonisme in Henry James'
Nan Z. Da, 'Chineseness and the Death of Books'
Matthew Ingleby, 'The Golden Bowl and Bloomsbury: Hunting in the Literary Field'

Sun. 1.00-2.00 Sandwich lunch provided

Sun. 2.00-3.45 Parallel session 6

P      MAPPING LATE JAMES (Chair: Nicola Bradbury) Trafalgar

Oliver Herford, '"Placing these circumstances on record": the Prefaces and the place of composition'
Jean Chothia, 'James Placing Us: Encounter with the Theatre in James's Last Completed Novel'
Paul Armstrong & Beverly Haviland, 'James as "Alien Resident": Finding his Place and Becoming a British Subject'

Q      JAMES AND AFTER (Chair: Merle Williams) G07

Michaela Bronstein, 'Mirrors Can Only Lie: Jamesian Character in the Later Twentieth Century'
Miroslawa Buchholtz, 'Henry James, Joseph Conrad and the Culture of Product Placement'
Sheila Teahan, 'Displacements: Opening the Door of the Biographical Novel'

R      JAMESIAN HORIZONS (Chair: Julie Rivkin) G04

Peter Rawlings, 'Placing the representation of consciousness in The Sacred Fount'
Daniel Nutters, ‘James, Hegel and the Preface to The Golden Bowl’ Daniel Hannah, 'Queer Imperialisms: (Dis)placing Desire in Henry James's The Golden Bowl' Eric Savoy: 'James's "Architecture"'

Sun. 3.45-4.30 Tea

Sun. 4.30-6.00 Keynote: Michael Anesko, 'The Jamesian Condom — "either fluted and embossed . . . or else smooth and dreadfully plain": Placing and Protecting Henry James' & closing discussion

Sun. 6.00-8.00 Closing Reception