Call for Papers

Fall 2014 Special Issue of the Henry James Review
"Jamesian Styles"

Henry James has always been known for--indeed identified by--his style. But, starting in the later decades of the twentieth century, the anti-formalism of much contemporary literary criticism made studies of style seem retrograde--almost embarrassing. More recently, however, some literary theorists and critics have returned unabashedly to aesthetics and, with it, to style. Studying style can be an exercise in formalism, but, so, too, can style speak to and from history, culture, politics, ethics, science. The Fall 2014 special issue of the Henry James Review invites essays on Jamesian styles of all varieties.

Possible topics may include, but are not restricted to:

• James on style, his own and others
• Phases of and changes in James’s style
• Criticism of James’s style
• Styles of James criticism
• Influences on and influences of James’s styles
• Placing James’s styles
• Technologies of James’s styles
• Parody, pastiche, adaptation
• The uses of Jamesian style
• James and the poets
• James’s personal style
• James family styles
• National styles in James

Contributions should be submitted in duplicate and produced according to current MLA style. One-page proposals or short (10-12 pages) essays should be sent electronically by March 1, 2014, to