Abbreviations for Henry James Works
Used by the Henry James Review

Abbreviations for works by James should be consistent. In text, all titles (short and long) are underlined. Short stories are put in quotes; however, the short title for short stories should still be underlined.

SE      The Sense of the Past
SF      The Sacred Fount
SL      Selected Letters of Henry James to Edmund Gosse. Ed. Rayburn S. Moore. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State UP, 1988.
SP      The Spoils of Poynton
SY      "The Story of a Year"
TA      The American
TE      "The Tempest"
TJ      The Tales of Henry James. Ed. Aziz.
TM      The Tragic Muse
TS      Transatlantic Sketches. Boston: Osgood, 1875.
TS      "The Turn of the Screw." (always in quotes, not italics)
WD      The Wings of the Dove
WM      What Maisie Knew
WS      Washington Square
WWS      William Wetmore Story and His Friends (in 2 volumes)