Abbreviations for Henry James Works
Used by the Henry James Review

Abbreviations for works by James should be consistent. In text, all titles (short and long) are underlined. Short stories are put in quotes; however, the short title for short stories should still be underlined.

GB      The Golden Bowl
GF      "Greville Fane"
HF      The House of Fiction: Essays on the Novel by Henry James. Ed. Leon Edel. London: Rupert Hart-Davis, 1957.
HJL      Henry james Letters. Ed. Leon Edel. 4 vols. Cambridge: Harvard UP, 1980 (range). [same as Letters: always use this wording, never just Letters.]
HT      Hawthorne
IC      "In the Cage"
IT      The Ivory Tower
LP      "A Landscape Painter." The Complete Tales of Henry James. Ed. Leon Edel. Vol. 1. Philadelphia: Lippincott, 1962.
LHJ      The Letters of Henry James. Ed. Lubbock. 2 vols.
ME      "A Most Extraordinary Case"
MY      The Middle Years. NHJ      The Notebooks of Henry James
NO      Novels 1881-1886. Ed. William T. Stafford. New York: Library of Congress, 1985.
NS      Notes of a Son and Brother
NT      "The Next Time"

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