Abbreviations for Henry James Works
Used by the Henry James Review

Abbreviations for works by James should be consistent. In text, all titles (short and long) are underlined. Short stories are put in quotes; however, the short title for short stories should still be underlined.

AA      The Awkward Age
AB      "The Author of Beltraffio"
AD      The Altar of the Dead and Other Stories. The Novels and Tales of Henry James. Vol. 17. New York: Scribner's, 1909.
AF      "The Art of Fiction"
AL      "American Letter"
AM      The Ambassadors
AN      "The Art of the Novel"
AP      "The Aspern Papers"
AS      The American Scene
AT      The Art of Travel
AU      Autobiography: A Small Boy and Others, Notes of a Son and Brother, The Middle Years. Ed. Frederick W. Dupee. Princeton: Princeton UP, 1983.

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