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VALERIE LEE VIERK was born in Kearney, Nebraska, and has lived in south central Nebraska all her life. She has been writing since early childhood when she first put down her stories on yellow tablet paper. She has been a member of the Nebraska Writer's Guild since 1988. She works as a secretary at the University of Nebraska — Kearney, where she earned her BA in English. Her short stories, poetry, and reminiscences have been published in The Platte Valley Review, The Carillon, A Flowering a Festival, Nebraska Voices, and several local and regional newspapers. She is the author of Sister of My Own and Christmas of the Dolls and Other Stories of the Season . Valerie loves nature, and this is often reflected in her writing as well as her daily life. She's in charge of a major project for the preservation of bluebirds in Ravenna, Nebraska, and a member of Bluebirds Across Nebraska (BAN). Photography is another of her interests, and she has recently illustrated one of her works entitled Three Christmas Stories from the Prairie with pictures of her son, Edward. She is the author of Gold Stars and Purple Hearts: The War Dead of the Ravenna, Nebraska, Area (Authorhouse) and Sailing the Troubled Sea: A Nebraska Boy Goes to War, co-authored with Herbert E Nolda (Authorhouse, 2007). Her most recent book is Winter of Death (, 2009), an account of the 1918 influenza epidemic in the author's hometown of Ravenna, Nebraska.

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