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Western Settings
Copyright © 2000
by Red Shuttleworth
University of Nevada Press

Red Shuttleworth is a poet of the modern West, and his work explores the full possibilities of history and life in this vast, complex region, ranging from musings on the careers of outlaws like Jesse James and John Wesley Hardin to wry comments on marriage, family life, and the inescapable trappings of middle-class life. His voice is unique — virile, honest, sometimes harsh, and sometimes unabashedly romantic — and his eye for the perfect detail is uncannily clear. Few poets have examined so poignantly the strange concatenations of history and contemporary experience that typify the modern West, or the ways that animals, wild and domestic, share our human space. Nor have the enduring pleasures of home — the burned cookies, rumpled sheets, and dreaming children — been explored with quite the same wisdom and affection. — from the publisher

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