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How Much Our Dancing Has Improved
Copyright © 2005
by Barbara Schmitz
Backwaters Press
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Barbara has a huge mind — it took her a long time on her own arduous path to capture its extent from ground to heaven. But never fear, she was a midwesterner — she stubbornly continued until the paper reflected her true self ... she launched a rocket all the way to eternity. — Natalie Goldberg

Barbara Schmitz is the Lucinda Williams of the poetry world. — Paul Zarzyski

Schmitz's newest collection is a beautiful dance of words, of imagery, of spiritual testament, but finally and most of all: love. — Nebraska Center for the Book News

How to Get Out of the Body
Copyright © 1999
by Barbara Schmitz
Sandhills Press
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Schmitz is so extremely fearless and honest that it makes one wonder what she would choose to leave out of her work, if anything. ... While this could make some people uneasy, we must applaud such fearlessness. — Melissa Prokop, Nebraska Territory

Lives of the Saints
Copyright © 1997
by Barbara Schmitz
Sandhills Press
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The Lives of the Saints grew out of my spiritual practice working with the Sufi Wazifa (Mantra) YA RAHMAN. This is one of the attributes (99 names of ALLAH) of the divine--repeating it is supposed to evoke compassion. Shortly after I began the practice it's as if I heard these various voices asking for their stories to be told--not literally exactly more like an insistent memory that kept pesteriing me until I let each one of them speak what they needed to say. One, the surviving nurse in the Richard Speck case, I had to go to the library to look up (I barely remembered it). After I'd done the poem, things appeared in the newspapers and I realized it was the anniversary of the mass murders. The woman who killed her children poem never worked until I let her speak instead of me telling about it. I see this manuscript as a speaking up, speaking out for those lives that need to be recognized with compassion. from the author

Schmitz's work is a rarity among regular poets, a must-read. — Melissa Beery, Nebraska Territory

The Upside Down Heart
Copyright © 2002
by Barbara Schmitz
Sandhills Press

The Upside Down Heart ... brought on a soulful moment of hope in the midst of so much despair. Thanks for the mantra, the meditation, the poetic poultice. ... Very powerful — the whole choreography. — Paul ZarzyskI

What Bob Says
Copyright © 2011
by Barbara Schmitz
Pudding House Publications

Her poems are often startlingly fun and always accessible, and Iíve looked forward to new ones for years. ... What Bob Says gives the reader two pleasures, a good deal of laughter and moments of profound respect for the love two hearts can craft over the years. — JV Brummels, The NCB News

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