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Homefield: Sonata in Rural Voice
Copyright © 2001
by Robert Richter
Backwaters Press
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An enduring story of the return of a Viet Nam War expatriate to his hometown in Western Nebraska. He learns not only about himself, but about the bonds of friendship, family, and the land. A work of fiction that will take its place alongside the greats of Prairie literature. — from the jacket

Something in Vallarta
Copyright © 1991
by Robert Richter
Permanent Press
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Cotton Waters is a young American expatriate hiding out on the Mexican west coast in 1972. An ex-student, ex-political activist with uncertain draft status and pending legal problems, he has lived incognito for over a year along a tropical frontier of fishing villages and empty beaches, thriving on cantina life, beachcombing, bodysurfing, jungle slumming, and playing second base for a local village baseball team. He's an illegal gringo alien, living a lazy village life and known to his cantina buddies as Algo — "Something" in English. Armed with a little Spanish and a passion for the Mexican coastal culture, he is a disillusioned dropout, waiting for the rest of the world to regain some sanity.
When his money finally runs out, Algo reluctantly goes into Puerto Vallarta to find work for wealthy Americanos who live in Gringo Gulch so he can maintain his tropical hiatus. Aided by a slick village friend who lives off vacationing American women, Algo soon finds himself in a "poor man's" sports car, following a beautiful woman for a jealous lover, and living the Vallarta jet-set lifestyle. As the chase leads away from the bright resort lights of the Mexican Riviera into the tropical mountains, Cotton Waters encounters a class of gringos living by their own particular set of values that all but excludes the Mexicans and their culture. He also finds himself an unwitting decoy in a drug trafficker's double-cross, and now his only hope of escape is in the hands of the villagers whose way of life he has embraced. — from the jacket

One part Raymond Chandler and two parts Hunter Thompson, Richter's atmospheric first novel introduces us to Cotton Waters, an expatriate gringo beachbum ... in a crackjack plot involving corrupt police, drugs, porn films and sunken treasure. ... He also captures the flavor of Mexico where "manana" is the operative word. — Publisher's Weekly

Well-worn storytelling with a nostalgic counterculture feel, all as comfortable as your old pair of Weejuns. — Kirkus Reviews

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