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About Mike Palacek

Palecek's greatest talent lies in his ability to depict the ordinariness of life. After a few chapters of Palecek's tender attention to the characters' small lives, readers will feel the same itch for revolution that the characters give into. — Meta Hogan, The Voice of Olympia

Joe Coffee's Revolution .... an idealist runs for office as a Democrat - and runs into the Democratic Party. — Badger Books

Twins ... baseball, apple pie, mom & dad, and revolution — Badger Books

The Last Liberal Outlaw ... small-town editor Tom Blue fights the building of a prison near his town, and faces off against the city council and chamber of commerce on main street, at high noon. — New Leaf Books, Chicago

KGB ... in Sioux City of all places, we find an underground radio operator working with a Morningside College professor and the inmates of the Woodbury County Jail to sabotage an upcoming visit to the town of former president Bush, in order to bring about "some damn justice" to these United States. PublishAmerica

Looking For Bigfoot ... Come along with Internet talk radio host Jack Robert King as he journeys from his home in eastern Iowa to find Bigfoot, who killed the Kennedy's, and ... the ... rest of the truth about America. — Howling Dog Press

Prophets Without Honor ... features American clergymen who have fought the US government and its military and ended up in jail for their efforts. — Algora Press

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