Nebraska Center for Writers

Chimney Rock Selected Publications
of James Magorian


Hitchhiker in Hall County (1968)

Ambushes and Apologies (1970)

The Garden of Epicurus (1971)

The Last Reel of the Late Movie (1972)

Distances (1972)

The Red, White, and Blue Bus (1975)

Bosnia and Herzegovina (1976)

Alphabetical Order (1976)

Two Hundred Push-Ups at the YMCA (1977)

The Ghost of Hamlet's Father (1977)

Safe Passage (1977)

Phases of the Moon (1978)

Notes to the Milkman (1978)

Phases of the Moon (1978)

Piano Tuning at Midnight (1979)

Revenge (1979)

The Night Shift at the Poetry Factory (1979)

Ideas for a Bridal Shower (1980)

The Edge of the Forest (1980)

Spiritual Rodeo (1980)

Tap Dancing on a Tightrope (1981)

Training at Home to Be a Locksmith (1981)

The Great Injun Carnival (1982)

Taxidermy Lessons (1982)

The Walden Pond Caper (1983)

The Emily Dickinson Jogging Book (1984)

Travel Expenses (1984)

Weighing the Sun's Liqht (1985)

Summer Snow (1985)

The Magician's Handbook (1986)

Squall Line (1986)

The Hideout of the Siqmund Freud Gang (1987)

Mountain Man (1989)

Ballad of the Toxic Waste Dump (1989)

Amelia Earhart Playing Video Games in Chicago (1990)

Saudi Arabia (1991)

Borderlands (1992)

Assurances (1994)

Catalpa Blossoms (1994)

The Yellowstone Meditations (1996)

Haymarket Square (1998)

Dragon Bones (1999)

Book of the Dead. Amphion Press, 1999.

Merrymont (1999)

Millennial Journal (2000)

Los Encantos. Centaur Books, 2002.

Centenary (2002)

Geographies (2003)

The Pull of the Earth (2003)

Littorals (2003)

Aviatrix. Black Oak Press (2006)

The Bookbinder's Daughter. Black Oak Press, 2007.

Geographia (2008)

Kaaterskill Clove. Black Oak Press, 2009.

The Missing Pages of the Scarecrow's Diary: Poems of Nature and Art. Black Oak Press, 2013.


Poems published in over a hundred literary magazines, including Albatross, The American Poet, American Letters & Commentary, American Literary Review, Another Chicago Maqazine, Antioch Review, Ararat, Arkansas Review, Artzone, Atlanta Review, Berkeley Poetry Review, Berkeley Review of Books, Birminqham Poetry Review, Bitterroot Journal, Black River Review, Blueline, Blue Unicorn, Bogg, Brooklyn Review, California Quarterly, Calypso, The Cape Rock, Carolina Quarterly, The Charlotte Poetry Review, Chiron Review, Cimarron, Connecticut River Review, The Cream City Review, Footwork, Georgetown Review, Gettsyburg Review, Golden Gate Review, Gulf Stream, Haight Asbury Literary Journal, Hiram Poetry Review, The Hollow Spring Review of Poetry, Illinois Quarterly, Kansas Quarterly, The Literary Review, The Louisville Review, The Lowell Review, Maize, Maelstrom, Maryland Poetry Review, The Mid-America Poetry Review, Midwest Poetry Review, The Midwest Quarterly, Minotaur, Mississippi Review, The Montserrat Review, Nebraska Review, New Earth Review, North American Review, Northwest Review, Notre Dame Review, The Ohio Poetry Review, Oxford Maqazine, The Pacific Review, Parnassus Literary Journal, Ploughshares, The Portland Review, Potomac Review, Puerto del Sol, Rolling Stone Magazine, San Fernando Poetry Journal, Seattle Review, The Sewanee Review, The Shakespeare Newsletter, Shenandoah, Slipstream, The South Carolina Review, South Dakota Review, Southern Humanities Review, Southern Poetry Review, The Spoon River Quarterly, Stone Country, Tendril, Texas Review, The Threepenny Review, Touchstone, Tucumcari Literary Review, Underground Rag Mag, The Villager, Washington Square, Whole Notes, The Windless Orchard, and Wisconsin Review


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